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CNN to Stop Broadcasting in Russia After Putin Signs Military ‘Misinformation’ Law

Still spreading misinformation here though.  Sigh...

UPDATE - not just CNN and Russia is showing some sharp teeth to the media.
From the London Daily Mail:

CNN, ABC and CBS News to stop broadcasting in Russia after Putin's threat to lock up journalists for 12 years: Bloomberg, BBC and Canada's CBC 'temporarily suspend' operations

    • CNN has said it would stop broadcasting in Russia while Bloomberg and the BBC said they would temporarily suspend the work of their journalists there
    • CBS News stated that it is no longer broadcasting from the country
    • ABC News has several correspondents working in the country currently but none were broadcasting from Russia on Friday night
    • CBC Canada 'temporarily suspended' the work of their journalists in the country

CNN International, the global arm of CNN, ABC and CBS News will stop broadcasting in Russia, after the Kremlin introduced a new law in the country that could jail anyone intentionally spreading 'fake' news.

Bloomberg News, the BBC and Canada's CBC also said they were temporarily suspending the work of their journalists inside Russia.

The teeth?

Lawmakers in Moscow passed amendments to the criminal code making the spread of 'fake' information an offense punishable with fines or jail terms. They also imposed fines for anyone calling for sanctions against Russia following the invasion of Ukraine.

Gee - the journalists actually have to start reporting the truth.  That has to hurt.

Maybe they might even grow some ethics...

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