They nailed it - blind leading the blind

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These poor fools are willfully ensconced in their bubble with zero clue how the world really works.  But everyone we know agrees with the narrative and we are the elite - it is our job to lead the masses out of their darkness and confusion and into the workers utopia.
From the London Daily Mail:

The blind leading the blind! NYC Mayor Eric Adams turns to Chicago's Lori Lightfoot for ideas on how to tackle subway crime and gun violence... even as violent crime surges 34% in the Windy City

    • Adams and Lightfoot met privately and had a 'hastily scheduled' presser Friday
    • The mayors of New York and Chicago pledged to work together to fight crime
    • Crime in NYC is up 45% compared to last year - in Chicago it's up 34%
    • Transit crimes are also up in both cities, with Adams saying that he hopes to 'learn' from what Lightfoot and Chicago officials are doing to combat it
    • Crime, a major part of Adam's candidacy, continues to go up following a staggering 60% increase in the month of February over the same period last year

Sad - I had hopes for Adams. Chicago?  A write-off. One person is shot every 3:25 minutes and one person is murdered every 16:16 minutes.  Unnecessary and this could be fixed in a few years.  The liberals would clutch their pearls and cry about justice but you know what?  Screw them.  Let them get shot and see how it feels.  Let one of their family members get murdered.

And yeah, Chicago has some of the most draconian gun laws in the US.
How is that working out for you?

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