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One of the willing instruments of the deep-state — Google — is kowtowing to their masters and starting to try to influence people's use of language. I hope those chains binding them are nice and soft. Wonder what it must feel like to be a Judas to society.  From Breitbart:

Google Launches ‘Inclusive Language’ Function to Promote Political Correctness
Google has announced the launch of an “inclusive language” function to help users eliminate politically incorrect words and expressions.

The feature is being introduced initially to Google’s “enterprise-level” users and will include both warnings and suggestions as part of Google’s new assisted writing features in Google Docs.

Typing in the word “landlord,” for instance, generates a warning the term “may not be inclusive to all readers” as well as the suggestion to replace the offensive locution with “property owner” or “proprietor.”

Similarly, Google takes issue with the word “mankind” and proposes substituting it with the more appropriate “humankind.”

Use of “policemen” and “housewife” provokes a correction as well, and Google will urge replacing them with the gender-neutral “police officers” and “stay-at-home spouse.”

Thought police anyone? I am reminded of this great quote from Peter Kreeft:

Control language and you control thought;
control thought and you control action;
control action and you control the world.

Change my mind.

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