Crush the middle class

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It's what communists have always done.  The middle class is a threat to their power grab.
From the Toronto Sun:

Trudeau is planning a tax on trucks
The Trudeau government is planning to hit Canadians with a big new tax on their trucks and sport utility vehicles.

The proposed tax would cost an extra $1,000 on a Ford F-150, and a Ram 3500 heavy-duty pickup truck would get hit with a $4,000 tax.

For most people, this new tax will come as a surprise, as neither Prime Minister Justin Trudeau nor Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault held a big press conference to announce their latest war on working folks. The recommendation to whack trucks with a big tax is buried deep in a new 271-page report from the Ministry of the Environment that was posted on the Government of Canada website March 31, 2022.

Of course they burried it - they know that it would never stand on it's own two feet.  Nothing a liberal comes up with does.  They can not win on the popular vote, they always have to cheat. Unfortunately, nobody on the conservative side has the stones to call them on it so they get away with it.

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