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Brittan has been having a big problem with "refugees" entering and demanding asylum.  There is a whole cottage industry revolving around providing these people with free housing, aid, money, etc. so no wonder there is a sizeable problem. Boris has an excellent idea - London Daily Mail:

Boris says threat of a one-way ticket to Rwanda will 'save countless lives' by deterring migrants from trying to cross the Channel in dinghies – despite left-wing charities and politicians branding plans 'cruel'

    • PM invoked spirit of Brexit as he unveiled a £120million scheme to send immigrant men to East Africa
    • Speaking in Kent he said that while the UK's compassion may be 'endless', its capacity to host people was not
    • Ministers have struck a 'world-first' deal with the government of Paul Kigame to host economic migrants
    • Royal Navy will take a policing role in the Channel from today to stiffen up resistance to crossings

Boris Johnson today insisted the threat of a one-way ticket to Rwanda for immigrants caught trying to sneak into Britain by crossing the Channel in dinghies will 'save countless lives'.

Under a £120million agreement with Kigali, economic migrants arriving in the UK illegally will be refused asylum and detained in a former military base before being flown directly to the African nation.

In a speech this morning - as more migrants arrived on the south coast - the Prime Minister invoked the spirit of Brexit in support of the scheme, saying: 'The British people voted several times to control our borders.'

He said that while the UK's compassion may be 'endless', its capacity to host people was not, adding: 'We cannot expect the UK taxpayer to write a blank cheque.'

Excellent idea and very true.  Compassion is a good thing, establishing a precedent of allowing people to enter and live off the taxpayer dime is not.  And of course, there are complaints:

Enver Solomon, chief executive of the Refugee Council, said the plans were 'cruel and nasty', and accused the Government of 'lurching from one inhumane policy to the next'. 

I am betting that Enver's organization gets a pretty penny from the British government for every "refugee" they process.  They are simply complaining that their rice bowl is being taken away.  This is not about human rights, this is about virtue signaling, money and power.

We have the same issue here with the homeless "problem".  It is not a problem, it could be fixed in six months but nobody has the political will to do it and meanwhile, the various NGOs are making buckets of money farming these poor souls.

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