Now this is one story that will fade away quickly

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Doesn't fit the narrative - black criminal with a long-established history of anti-white racism.
From the London Daily Mail:

Subway shooter Frank James, 62, is arrested after New Yorkers spot him STROLLING AROUND Manhattan's East Village more than 24hrs after gunning down ten on packed train: Charged with terrorist attack on mass transit

    • Frank James, 62, was taken into custody on Wednesday, nearly 30 hours after the shooting in Brooklyn
    • He has now been charged with federal terrorism charges and is due to be arraigned
    • James opened fire on Tuesday at 8.24am after unleashing a smoke grenade on the subway
    • The 62-year-old evaded the NYPD, FBI and other law enforcement teams for more than 24 hours
    • James rented a U-Haul in Philadelphia and is believed to have driven to New York before dumping the vehicle near Kings Avenue
    • He is then thought to have entered the subway at 6am, riding it for two hours, before the attack
    • Ten people were injured but none were killed; among them was a 14-year-old
    • James posted dozens of unhinged videos on YouTube ranting about race, Eric Adams, and prison

The media will be doing the old:  "Look!!! A squirrel!!!" routine in 3... 2... 1...

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