One simply does not fsck with a classic

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There is a reason why some things are considered classics.  They have reached their apex of perfection.

Shrimp Cocktail?
Dry Martini?

Looks like the Beeb is pandering to the shriekers - New York Daily News:

BBC’s new ‘Doctor Who’ spin-off podcast will be ‘very gay, very trans,’ says producer
A new spin-off audio version of the long-running British sci-fi show “Doctor Who” will be “very gay, very trans,” according to its producer and director, Ella Watts.

The beloved time-traveling television series is entering a new dimension as a 10-part podcast, “Doctor Who: Redacted.”

The series, set to premiere on BBC Sounds on April 17, promises to give “Doctor Who” fans action-packed adventures that have been “left” from the long-running television series, according to a news release.

Transgender writer Juno Dawson, the bestselling author of “This Book is Gay,” was hired as the lead writer for the podcast, which will explore “the relationships between ordinary people unknowingly immersed in the ‘Doctor Who’ universe,” with a strong emphasis on “diversity and regionality.”

The BBC is publically funded so they do not need to worry about advertisers.  Good, because they are not going to get any.  Not with a listenership of maybe 2% of the UK population.

Don't forget kiddies:  WOKE = BROKE

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