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Klaus Schwab is definitely a Bond villain in the mold of Ernst Stavro Blofeld.
Where to Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos fit in?  Don Surber nails it:



Musk vs. Bezos (aka Batman vs. Lex Luthor)
Under the enemy of mine enemy is my friend rule, I suppose I can call Elon Musk a friend. A tertiary one as Sheldon Cooper refers to Howard Wolowitz on the Big Bang Theory show.

Musk's purchase of enough Twitter stock to warrant a seat on its board of directors has given conservatives and other Real Americans hope that free speech will return to the public square.

To be certain, Musk set his fellow billionaires atwitter. They own propaganda media outlets and fear he will return Twitter to its old self which was used by Real Americans to get around their Pravdas. 

Heh - more at the site...

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