Add another one to the list - food shortages

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The people I know are up to around 100 food plants now - I had published their list when it was at 88 a few hours ago.  Some really good (and horrifying) research.  And then, there are the bees.  From the London Daily Mail:

Millions of honeybees are left to bake to death in Delta Airlines cargo crate after shipment bound for Alaska was diverted and left on hot tarmac in Atlanta

    • About 5 million honeybees bound for Alaska last weekend got waylaid when Delta Air Lines routed them through Atlanta instead
    • Two hundred crates of bees were supposed to make their way to Alaska aboard Delta Air Lines flights from Sacramento to Seattle and then on to Anchorage
    • Most of the bees died after being left for hours in crates on the ground during hot weather in Georgia
    • The bees, which were worth $48,000, were to be used to pollinate apple orchards and nurseries in Alaska, where they are not native
    • About 20 Atlanta beekeepers came to rescue those which had survived which numbered in the thousands - although millions of others died

Delta's response:

Delta called it an 'unfortunate situation.'

In an emailed statement, Delta spokeswoman Catherine Morrow said the airline 'was made aware of the shipment situation ... and quickly engaged the appropriate internal teams to assess the situation. We have taken immediate action to implement new measures to ensure events of this nature do not occur in the future.'

Unreal.  99% this is a case of Hanlon's Razor and not malicious action but still...

Hanlon's razor is the following aphorism: "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity".

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