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Great post from Don Surber:

PR firm goes from Woke to Nope
Judd Legum's headline did not do the story justice. It said, "PR giant advising corporate clients to stay silent on abortion rights."

The PR company -- Zeno -- is not just a giant but a Woke Giant. Its clientele includes other Woke Giants such as Coke, Netflix and Starbucks.

You remember Coke, right? It is that bottled fizzy water company that exhorted its employees to "try to be less white," a corporate racism that Florida banned last month.
49 other states should follow suit.

Zeno is woke. Kevin McCauley profiled the company in March, writing:

Zeno Shoots for Higher Purpose
Zeno Group scored a 39.9% surge in 2021 revenues to $118.9M as it captured 85 major new business wins and its Top Ten clients hiked spending about 40%.

"Never more so than over the last year, when global forces required businesses to think and act differently, Zeno fully demonstrated what's known to be true — companies that embody a higher purpose are stronger and more impactful, inside and out," said CEO Barby Siegel.

Beyond growing its revenues base, Zeno wants to be measured for making a positive impact on people's lives.

But then, a scant six weeks later:

6 weeks later, Zeno junked all that Marxist marketing and told CEOs to STFU about social issues.

The new buzz phrase is try to be less woke. The PR firm is advising CEOs of their right to remain silent on abortion.

Legum reported that Zeno's Katie Cwayna sent an email to the Woke, saying, "Do not take a stance you cannot reverse, especially when the decision is not final. This topic is a textbook 50/50 issue. Subjects that divide the country can sometimes be no-win situations for companies because regardless of what they do they will alienate at least 15% to 30% of their stakeholders… Do not assume that all of your employees, customers or investors share your view."

Heh - reading the writing on the wall.  WOKE was a flash in the pan by a very loud and very small minority of people who tried to control the narrative. Coke's position made me stop buying their product and switch to Pepsi. Wake up and smell the cappucino...

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