Thought 2007 was a bad year? Wait a little while - SLABs

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A long thread but worth reading - from pro-birth:
A synthesis in three parts:

Part #1) — from here:


Part #2) — from here:

You know why they had to say “20 years ago”? Until 2005, if you couldn’t pay off your student loan debt, you could declare bankruptcy and your student loans would be nullified. (Your credit rating would take a hit which would take about a decade to recover, but that’s not such a big deal.) In 2005, Congress passed a law which made student loan debt no longer dischargeable in bankruptcy — actually a minor provision, mostly the bill was to make it easier for credit card issuers (who wrote the bill’s text) to harass clients who were in bankruptcy. The Senator who sponsored that bill?
Joe Fucking Biden, the asshole the Democrats united to nominate instead of Bernie Sanders.


Part #3) - from the site:

Psst. Hey. Y’all want to know why they did this?

Why they will never forgive student loan debt?

Why they want you to have debt you can’t pay back?

Student loan asset-backed securities.
Remember mortgage-backed securities from the 2008 financial crisis?

Hedge funds and banks had put everything into MBSs, incentivizing lenders to give out mortgages to people who couldn’t afford them in order to inflate the amount of MBSs available to invest in. Corrupt credit rating agencies rated these securities higher than they should have, artificially propping up a teetering Jenga tower. When people started getting foreclosed on because they couldn’t afford their mortgages, the tower eventually came crumbling down - but not before the big Wall Street investors - including the execs from the various banks and hedge funds - got out of their positions, leaving the banks and hedge funds themselves holding the bag and destroying people’s savings and pensions.

The trouble with MBSs, you see, is that people can be foreclosed on. Before MBSs, this was pretty rare, because lenders had no incentive to lend to those who couldn’t afford it. When MBSs became popular for investors, lenders now had that incentive.

Now we have Student Loan Asset-Backed Securities, or SLABS. These securities, like MBSs, are an investment in the loan and the repayment of that loan as an asset. Only now these securities are much safer - because you can no longer declare bankruptcy on those loans. There is no asset (like a house) that can be taken away - can a bank repossess your education?

So instead, the asset behind a SLABS is not your education, but your lifetime of work. YOU are the asset behind SLABS.
Worst part? So much of Wall Street now relies on SLABS for their balance sheets that if anything were done to disrupt this system, the crash we would see would be certainly worse than 2008, possibly worse than 1929.

This Jenga tower got far too tall, and SLABS are the key foundational piece on which everything else relies.

Just wonderful...  If Putin has an itchy trigger finger on his cans of sunlight, I could not think of a better target for an airburst than Washington, D.C.  Keep the museums, just irradiate the people and bring the grid down for a couple years. A clean slate.

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