Big weather in Ohio

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Was seeing that they had over 280K customers without power after 24 hours.  Had to be a storm.  Yep...

From FOX Weather:

Derecho knocks out power to more than 500,000 from Midwest to Ohio Valley
The National Weather Service has confirmed that a powerful cluster of thunderstorms known as a derecho was responsible for downing trees and knocking out power to more than a half-million Americans from the Midwest to the Ohio Valley on Monday.

In order for the event to be classified as a derecho, the swath of straight-line wind damage caused by the storms needs to cover a distance of at least 400 miles and include wind gust reports stronger than 58 mph.

It also must include several well-separated wind gusts stronger than 75 mph.

Here is the power outage map for this morning - 18 hours after the event:


I thought that this new green energy was supposed to be more reliable?  Blowing our money on wishful thinking and not investing it in maintaining the infrastructure we already have.  Hell of a way to run a nation.

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