Bill Clinton suicide watch

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A classic example of Arkancide - I knew about the death.  Today's revalation was its being labeled a suicide.
From the London Daily Mail:

Family of Bill Clinton advisor who admitted Jeffrey Epstein into White House seven times has blocked release of files detailing the death scene after he was found hanging from a tree with a shotgun blast at a ranch 30 miles from his home

    • Top Clinton advisor Mark Middleton died by suicide at the age of 59 on May 7, the Perry County Sheriff's Office in Arkansas confirmed
    • Middleton was President Bill Clinton's special advisor who admitted Jeffrey Epstein to the White House seven of the at least 17 times the pedophile visited
    • The married father-of-two, who lived in Little Rock, Arkansas, shot himself at the Heifer Ranch in Perryville, 30 miles away from his home
    • can now reveal Middleton's father Larry and his widow Rhea are fighting to keep photos and 'other illustrative content' of his death sealed
    • The two filed for an injunction arguing that blocking the release of the footage would halt a proliferation of 'unsubstantiated conspiracy theories'
    • The lawsuit claims the family 'has been harassed by outlandish, hurtful, unsupported and offensive online articles' regarding Middleton and his death
    • Perry County Sheriff Scott Montgomery said Middleton was discovered hanging from a tree with a shotgun blast to his chest
    • After the petition was filed, Montgomery denied's FOIA request for any of his paperwork on the case

Much much more at the site including other Clinton suspicious deaths.
Enough suspicious deaths that the term Arkancide has been coined.
They go a long way back - standard modus operandi for the Clintons.

There is a website chronicalling these "suicides" but it does not seem to be operating.
Here is a copy from April, 2022

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