Eco-morons - punching back twice as hard

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Major celebration going on in England.  Queen Elizabeth's 70th year of rule. Her Jubilee.
Some activists decided to use that for their personal forum.
From the London Daily Mail:

Moment furious crowd turns on vegan activist eco morons as they try to cause chaos at Queen's Jubilee by breaking onto The Mall to stage protest during Trooping the Colour

    • The intruders from Animal Rebellion were able to get into middle of the Mall and briefly disrupt the parade
    • A marching band was obstructed by the activists, but they were able to clear them by moving around the pair
    • Police hauled them out of the roadway and arrested them at the scene and carried them out of the route way
    • Met confirmed 'number of arrests' of people who attempted to enter the ceremonial route in The Mall

Up to 25 protesters were booed by crowds as they tried to evade police to smash through security measures on the Mall ahead of Trooping the Colour and disrupt the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

Police officers pounced as they raced over barriers to where the parade was to be held.

Incredibly two of the protesters - who were from Animal Rebellion - were able to sit in the middle of the Mall as the marching band approached.

Officers hauled them out of the way as the musicians walked by them avoiding them completely, prompting applause to the police and boos to the activists.

London has a population of about 9,540,000 people.  These morons were only able to get 25 people to stage their protest?  Talk about irrelavent.  They should spend a minimum 120 days in jail - to encourage the others.  Bring back the public pillory. I would show up with a basket of rotting vegetables 😁

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