Even the lowest of low have standards

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The irony is delightful - from American Greatness:

Satanic Temple Pulls Out of ‘Kid Friendly’ LGBQT Pride Event in Idaho After Backlash
The Satanic Temple was included on a list of participants of a “kid friendly” LGBTQ+ “Pride in the Park” event in Idaho—which includes a “drag dance party”—until Libs of Tik Tok publicized their involvement on Twitter.

A member of the Satanic group claimed to have pulled out of the Saturday event after several sponsors apparently dropped out due to their participation.

“I deeply apologize and regret to inform everyone that @TSTIdaho has decided to not be at the North Idaho Pride event “Pride in the Park” as a congregation,” tweeted Satanic Temple member “Rowan Astra” on Thursday. “There are several factors for this, including several sponsors seemingly dropping after learning of our appearance.”

I would rather have an honest Satanist as a neighbor than a member of the LGBQT community.  There is a huge difference between the perversions of the LGBQT activists and the "normal" people who happen to be sexually attracted to others of their gender.  One is a biological quirk.  The other is a mental pathology.  Go ahead and indulge yourself - that is what it is all about.  You.  Just don't expect me to buy in to your mental construct.

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