Gas prices - some background

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Ace of Spades has the skinny on gasoline prices - the people in DC are beyond stupid
Beyond clueless:

Joe Biden Shut Domestic Oil Production Down. Now, With His Presidency Dying Faster Than His Dying Brain, He Begs US Companies to Start Drilling Again-- and Finds Out That Will Take Years
Dear Diary: Today I found out it's a lot easier to shut down domestic oil production with a series of executive orders and policy directives than it is to put oil back in production again.

Via Twitchy, the Financial Times discovers that when Pop-Pop burned the US's domestic production capacity down, he didn't have a plan for starting it back up again.

He just thought that "green energy" would come on line because we needed it to.

And from Atomic Fungus:

There isn't a magical valve you can turn. Producing oil from shale is a technologically complex process, and it takes men and equipment to make it happen. Because the Go Brandon regime issued all those executive orders meant to strangle the production of oil, production sites were shut down. People were laid off. Leased equipment was returned to its owners; surplus equipment was sold.

The banner year of 2019 when the USA barely started to become a net exporter of oil did not happen because President Donald Trump figured out we needed oil and said, "Okay, you guys get going, now." That happened because right after he was inaugurated in 2017 he issued the executive orders that made it possible for the USA to produce all that oil. It took more than two years for that to bear fruit; and in fact what Trump did was just to put icing on the cake, one that had been started by George Bush and--whether due to ignorance or indifference--was (mostly) left the hell alone by Boss Tweek.

Go Brandon comes along and smashes the whole works with his bullshit--and then, when it's politically expedient, thinks that they can just throw a switch and start pumping oil again? The various people comprising the Go Brandon regime are fucking morons, and I think this proves quite handily what Sarah Hoyt is always saying, about how they don't know the first damned thing about how anything is actually produced in this country.

Exactly.  The people making these decisions are highly credentialed but they are not educated and they certainly are not smart or well informed.

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