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*Resident Biden — press conference today in Madrid, Spain after this week's NATO meetings:

It would almost be funny if it was not our own Nation at stake. Russia has been the convenient excuse for the depredations of the deep-state ever since G.H.W.B. in the 1980's...  The reality is that Putin is the only strong leader who wants nothing to do with the corruption of the deep-state and who unabashedly loves his County.

Biden campaigned on getting rid of "fossil fuels".  His first day in office, he signed an E.O. shutting down the Keystone Pipeline so his buddy Warren Buffett could continue making bunches of money shipping oil from Canada to the refineries on the Gulf Coast.

The inflation?  The food shortages?  The high energy costs?  These are all carefully engineered by the marxists in the deep-state to kill the middle class.  They want an underclass of dependents and the elite - nothing in between. Worked so well for Russia and for China and for Cuba.  Venezuela. Zimbabwe. Sri Lanka is recently in the news...

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