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He is not gone - he will do what all progressives do.  Spend six months quietly out of public notice and then resurface with a better position and higher salary.   Still, this is good news. From The Gateway Pundit:

RECALLED! Far Left DA Chesa Boudin Voted Out Of Office In Uber-Liberal San Francisco
Chesa Boudin, the radical, far left DA of San Francisco was successfully voted out of office by recall.

It turns out that even the people of blue San Francisco have limits when it comes to out-of-control crime.

Boudin now has the distinction of being too far left for San Francisco. That’s quite an accomplishment.

One down, a couple thousand more.  It realy is that small a number.  The progressives who are ruining our nation and who are trying to take over are small in number.  They are well organized, they work together and they are well funded. It's only a few thousand people though - get rid of them and we can go back to being a great Nation again.

Looks like the Los Angeles DA is heading for recall as well - doing my happy dance.

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