What really gets me is that they are TELLING us what they are planning

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And the proles are not recognizing this takeover as what it is. A dissolution of our Republic and an institution of a top-down socialist government tyrany. From Conservative Treehouse:

Remarkable Admission, Pete Buttigieg Announces Biden Inflation Plan is to Create Increased Dependency State and Apply Socialist Economics, Biden Led Govt to Provide Medicine, Childcare, Housing and Food
Here is one succinct interview containing the smorgasbord of far-left policies the people behind Joe Biden are proposing as the solution to the inflation crisis they have created. It is remarkable to see it all packed into one 8-minute segment. There is so much crazy in here it would take a week of articles to unpack it.

The ultra-leftist Biden Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg, appears on ABC with George Stephanopoulos to discuss the solutions to the massive economic collapse that looms all around us. Within the interview Buttigieg states the Biden administration goal is to use the high cost of living (policy driven inflation) as an opportunity for the government to take over household expenses and create equity via government distribution.

If reasonable people do not intervene quickly, the executive branch and legislative branch will move to begin subsidizing and controlling medicine, childcare, housing and food costs by diverting tax dollars into the social equity system. Depending on income, the Biden administration plans to offset higher prices for Americans by providing the essential services and products they need. In essence, Democrat-Socialism with a filter of equity in distribution, ie “enhanced dependency.”

So much wrong packed into only eight minutes - all talking points and no facts.

We are being led by ideologues and ninnies. Much more at the site.  Sundance takes the time to unpack the more egregious lies. 200+ comments too.

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