The three options

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Very well explained at The Market Ticker:

Just ask yourself one question: When in history, ever, has someone who is running a scam stopped because they were asked nicely?

That's easy: Never.

Thus the options are only three:

1. The people continue to get screwed until they are literally rendered penniless in sufficient numbers that a civil uprising or worse occurs, which risks the complete destruction of the government and/or civil war.

2. The government enforces the law and a lot of people go to prison, most-particularly a lot of corporate CEOs, board members and other cartel operators such as virtually all of the medical system in the US today.

3. The people start enforcing judgement on their own until the government decides that #2 beats #1, which is where #3 will inevitably lead to.

Convince me I'm wrong in the comments, if you can.

Karl has a point there - read the rest.  Very good analysis.

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