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Looks like the censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop might get some traction in the mainstream media.  A lilttle bit early for the mid-term elections but...  You never know what will come out when... From the London Daily Mail:

Furious Republicans demand Mark Zuckerberg testify before Congress after his astonishing admission that Facebook willfully censored Hunter Biden laptop revelations for 10 days in run-up to election - after FBI's 'Russian disinformation' warning

    • Mark Zuckerberg admitted Facebook deliberately suppressed stories about Hunter Biden's laptop in 2020
    • He changed the algorithm so the story would appear much further down people's newsfeed on the site
    • Facebook CEO said the FBI had warned him of potential Russian misinformation in the run-up to the election
    • Comments sparked fury among Republicans saying the move may have cost Donald Trump the election

Mark Zuckerberg has sparked outrage with his bombshell revelation that Facebook deliberately used an algorithm to suppress stories about Hunter Biden's laptop in 2020 before the November election after an intervention by the FBI.

Republican politicians and voters have accused the FBI and Facebook of censorship, adding further questions about whether Americans should have been aware of the laptop before going to the polls and the impartiality of the bureau head Chris Wray, who ordered the raid on Mar-a-Lago this month.

The GOP have torn into the quashing of the story and have vowed to investigate Zuckerberg, the FBI and Hunter if they retake the majority in the House in the midterms.

Republican Representative Andrew Clyde of Georgia said: 'This isn't just insane, it's election interference. The Oversight Committee must immediately invite Mark Zuckerberg to testify—under oath—about the FBI’s attempts to circumvent the First Amendment. The American people deserve answers and accountability.'

Things are going to get interesting...

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