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I have decent operational security when traveling through a given area - I know when it is safe and when to get the hell out of there.  I visited Vancouver, BC about ten years ago (2011) and when in Chinatown and neighboring Gastown, we were walking for about 30 minutes and I made the call to get back to the car and leave.  Did not feel safe and this was in the afternoon on a fall day.  I had been there in 2000 and it was a gorgeous and fun tourist area.  I was amazed at the decline in ten years.
Now?  From The Daily Hive/Urbanized:

“Post-apocalyptic scenes": Poor tourist reviews hurt Chinatown businesses
It seems businesses in Vancouver’s Chinatown neighbourhood just cannot catch a break.

Recently, Daily Hive uncovered the reviews that tourists have been leaving on the neighbouring community of Gastown and they weren’t pretty.

Well, Chinatown’s reviews are just as sharp, and local businesses say they are getting the brunt end of the stick as a result of the bad publicity.

If you visit websites like Yelp and Tripadvisor, tourists are leaving unflattering comments about the historic neighbourhood.

Descriptions like “dangerous” and “disgusting” have become common terms used to describe the area.

Life under liberal rule.  It is always the same - shithole cities.

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