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Looks like the general public is sick of WOKE as much as We The People.
From the London Daily Mail:

Holy woke, Batman! Warner Bros SCRAPS $100m Batgirl movie because of shockingly bad test screen reactions - making it one of the most costly Hollywood castoffs EVER (and it won't even go to streaming)

    • Warner Bros executives have scrapped its $100 million Batgirl origin film after it received poor test reviews
    • Executives thought the film would hurt the future of the brand as they seek to streamline the DC Extended Universe
    • According to those who have seen the film, Michael Keaton's Batman was only featured in a few scenes, and did not serve as a mentor to Barbara Gordon
    • The studio now wants to go back to big theatrical event releases

Warner Bros executives have dramatically scrapped its $100million Batgirl origin film after it received poor test reviews.

The decision to axe the film — which was slated to be released on HBO Max later this year — came after a series of test screenings were panned by audiences, an unnamed source told the New York Post, and studio execs thought it would hurt the future of the brand as they seek to streamline the DC Extended Universe.

The pull-quote:

'I'll say I'm not that surprised Batgirl got canceled as it features a woke Latino Batgirl and Barbara Gordon in a story that sounds downright awful,' Matt McGloin wrote for Cosmic Book News.

Get WOKE?  Go BROKE - time and time again.  Never fails.  There are only a few people pushing this narrative but they are well organized, have the media in their pockets and are currently enjoying the limelight.  They are enjoying their fifteen minutes of fame - time for them to go back under the rock they came from.  Losing $100M will certainly bring that point home to the Warner Bros. shareholders.

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