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The true history is quite a bit different from what the revisionists would have you believe.
Of course, as the true history negates their own version of history which then negates their position and moral standing.

Don Surber has a wonderful collection of links to the truth.  One excerpt:

What did the New World actually look like when Columbus landed on its shores in 1492? Contemporary accounts from both European and Indigenous sources reveal that the pre-Columbian world was a place where slavery, trafficking, sexual exploitation, oppression, and even genocide was commonplace prior to any European contact. As will be seen, the discovery eventually put a stop to many of these heinous acts—ultimately elevating morality instead of lowering it.

You will never get the cultural marxists to own up to this.

Because I am moving to North Carolina I have been studying the local history.  This (Cherokee County actually) was part of the ancestral home of the Cherokee Nation and is the start of the "Trail of Tears" forced migration.  The Cherokee were allowed to bring their slaves.  Again, the Cherokee were allowed to bring their slaves.  These were native americans from other tribes who were captured in battle as well as negros purchased from the Muslim slave traders.  Noble savages indeed...

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