Excellent guide for installing Windows 11

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Customizing down to a very fine level and then creating an ISO so you can distribute your install.
A long article but really worth your time - from Tom's Hardware:

How to Create a Custom Windows 11 Install Disk, With Only the Features You Need
Windows 11 has been with us for some time now, and for those of us with the best desktops we can guarantee the best performance. But what about that five year old laptop that your aunt has? The one with 4GB of RAM and a CPU that fell out of the best CPUs category in the prior decade. Sure Linux is an option, but what if they really need that one Windows app? 

This scenario is common to many of us who work in tech. A family member needs tech support and we don’t have a lot of time to help them. So what if there were a way to create a custom Windows 11 install, one that install on older hardware and breathe new life into it?

In this how to you’ll learn how to create your own custom Windows 11 image, ready for installation on your aunt’s old laptop, or on your gaming rig. An alternative to creating your own bespoke Windows 11 install is to use Tiny11 Builder. We sacrifice the ability to truly customize our install for a fully automated approach. If you are short on time, then perhaps this is a good compromise. But, if you want to truly tailor your Windows 11 experience, read on and learn exactly how.

One thing that is very cool is that they use a website that aggregates all of the builds for Win10 and Win11 as well as WinServer and the MS Developers Channel.

Going to try this article out for a Win10 machine as well - see if the utilities they use work for that version as well.

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