Now this is interesting - a liquid piezoelectric material

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Piezoelectric materials turn mechanical pressure into electricity and vice versa.  Some phonograph cartridges, the push-button igniters on propane barbeques, loudspeakers.  That sort of stuff.  Piezoelectric materials have always been a solid - until now.  From IEEE Spectrum (Eye Triple-Eee - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)

Liquid Salts Bring Push-button Lenses Into Focus
First-ever piezoelectric liquids could spark new technologies in optics and hydraulics

Scientists have discovered the first known piezoelectric liquids, which are able to convert mechanical force to electric charge, and vice versa. The generally environmentally friendly nature of these materials suggests they may find many applications beyond standard piezoelectric compounds, such as novel, electrically controlled optics and hydraulics. However, much remains unknown about how they work, and therefore what they may be capable of.

Piezoelectricity was first discovered in 1880. The effect has since found a wide range of applications, including cellphone speakers, inkjet printers, ultrasound imaging, sonar equipment, pressure sensors, acoustic guitar pickups, and diesel fuel injectors.

Until now, all known piezoelectric materials were solid. Now scientists have for the first time discovered piezoelectric liquids. They detailed their findings in a study online 9 March in the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters.

This is going to liven up a few things 😁

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