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The laptop is real and it is spectacular
For the longest time, Hunter Biden has either denied that the laptop is his or he changed the subject.
Either way, there was zero admission that the files and images were from his personal laptop.
That story just changed big-time. From The Epoch Times:

Hunter Biden Sues Laptop Repair Shop Owner Over Alleged Invasion of Privacy
President Joe Biden’s son on March 17 sued a laptop repairman for allegedly invading his privacy.

Hunter Biden countersued John Paul Mac Isaac, who owned a computer store in Delaware at which Hunter Biden was said to have dropped off his computer years ago.

Mac Isaac’s sharing of information from Hunter Biden constitutes invasion of privacy, the 42-page filing states.

“No matter how they came into his initial possession, Mac Isaac improperly accessed files that he admits were ‘none of [his] business’ even though he was never given permission by Mr. Biden to access or review any data of Mr. Biden’s,” it says. He later made copies of the data and distributed the copies to others, including former President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

“Mac Isaac’s knowing and intentional distribution of Mr. Biden’s personal and sensitive data was not carried out for any reasonable or legitimate purposes, but rather to try and expose Mr. Biden’s data to those that he knew or should have known would intend to create embarrassment and harm for Mr. Biden,” the countersuit says.

“In addition, Mac Isaac decided to use the data in his possession for commercial purposes and to make money, which he has done by including portions of the data in his book and making reference to and/or making some or all of the data available at appearances he has made.”

According to what I read during the initial release, Biden abandoned the laptop.
Mr. Mac Isaac made copies of the hard drive and then called the FBI to hand it over.

Hunter's problem entirely.  He is trying to do damage control after the horses have left the barn.

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