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This little article at The Burning Platform:

If you think that the Organized Racketeering (RICO) Elections Crimes being exposed around the country (Arizona, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and other states etc.) are not happening in Washington State, then you are sadly mistaken. We are on to them, and are finding many ways the criminals are illegally manipulating (stealing) our elections. (Updated Source Docs).

As just one example, to see how large scale and serious the election fraud is in our state, go to the Federal Election Commission Website HERE, on the left side of the page type in ANY Zip code in the provided field, and Not Employed in the Employer filter. You will then see a screen of the names of the Contributors, notice the vast majority of their donations (.01 to $20) end up going to ActBlue (Dem Operatives). The problem being, the record reflects that many of the individual donors are EACH donating, in many cases, hundreds or THOUSANDS of times between 01/01/2021 and 12/31/2022.

Also, often times, the record shows the same person is donating in multiple zip codes. If you expand the fields (including Report Time Period “Receipt Date Range”) you will find that many of these fraudulent donations increase exponentially. Hmm…The corruption in WA State Elections appears to be endless…

Just for fun, I plugged in my own zip code (a mountain community of about 5,000).
Multiple names jumped out at me as having given more than once.
A Mr. John Browne is listed as giving 311 times.  All donations from $1 to $25.

I find it interesting in the 2020 election.  Loren Culp, a sherrif from a very small town in Eastern WA ran against the Jay Insley machine and was able to score 43% of the vote despite having minimal funding and minimal mention in the Seattle press. WA State is a lot "redder" than people realize.  They are sick of the corruption.

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