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The soft popping of liberal heads exploding:
Don't forget that Elon fired 80% of Twitter staff and there was a noticable improvement in performance...

Sadly true - a bygone era

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I grew up like this - sad to see it pass.


From Vox Day who offers this:

Peak America
We had no idea how good we had it as children, but we can hardly be blamed for that since we never knew anything else. But if you’re a member of Generation X, it is very important that you write your autobiography in order to leave behind some written record of what Peak America was actually like. Because what we regarded – what we still regard – as normal no longer exists. And its the micro accounts of daily life that are actually the most informative about a historical society, not the usual historian’s focus on politics, wars, and other macro-level events.

Save your elementary school class pictures. Describe what life was like in an ethnically homogenous European society. Give future generations a vision of what is possible for their children and grandchildren if they set their minds to it.

America can be reborn.  The wicked forces tearing it apart can be stood up to and vanquished.
They always announce what they are planning so we can marshal our forces and say NO! to their faces.
There are not that many of them.  Lots more of us.
They make it sound like their numbers are legion but they number less than 10,000
Drive them from us.  Drive them into the river.  Mock them unmercifully. Let them shrink from our righteousness.

Yep - that's me all right...

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What can I say.  I'm a happy tool user and like to make things.


First order thinking is the most immediate and simplest — I see this, I do that.
Second order thinking takes the consequences of the prior step into account before the action.
There is also third, fourth, etc... thinking - chess for example.

It takes time and it takes brains to accomplish successfully but it is extremely effective.
Most people are running on first order.
A second order plan will appear to come out of nowhere and catch them off guard.

Case in point - a two-fer.  First, from The Intercept:

The government of Saudi Arabia is an investor in the private company that owns a virtual monopoly on software that powers Democratic candidates — including management of the Democratic National Committee’s all-important voter list.

Sanabil Investments, the company that manages Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund, recently published its first list of investments in venture capital, buyout firms, and startups. The list includes two private equity firms involved two years ago in the sale and acquisition of EveryAction and NGP VAN, the companies that make up the Democratic Party’s campaign tech apparatus.

“Saudi Arabia’s investments are definitely strategic,” said Paul Rose, an associate dean at the Ohio State University’s law school, who has done research on sovereign funds in Gulf states. “This disclosure is interesting because I look at it and I think, ‘Well, why would you disclose all this?’ The Saudis are really quite shrewd about signaling to not only people in their own country but people abroad what their priorities are.”

And Second - let's look at these - four headlines (click for link to the story) All within the last month.
All showing a growing allience between Saudi Arabia and the Communist Chinese government.
Please note - these are all mainstream media outlets.  No "conspiracy theory" fringe groups here:

The Communist Chinese government is relatively new only having cemented its power in the last 70 years but the Chinese culture historically takes the long view and second and third order thinking is revered.  They are maneuvering for a place in World Power that our own leadership is simply not seeing.  This is to our great detriment.

They will have eyes and ears in the heart of the Democratic Party operations.

Time to learn to speak Chinese?

An interview with Walter Joe Biden

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The truth in 11:33 - Neil Oliver

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Long past time... Hell yeah


alt.energy fail - Hydrogen fire

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Hydrgen is being touted as an alternative fuel.  It is not, it is an energy transport and a poor one at that.  It takes energy to manufacture. By the time you burn it, you have spent more energy than if you just used gasoline or natural gas to begin with. Very difficult to store and transport too.

Case in point from Charlotte, NC station WSOC:

Hydrogen tanker fire causes half-mile evacuation in Troutman
A half-mile evacuation was ordered Friday night for all businesses in the area of the Pilot Travel Center at 1006 Charlotte Highway off Interstate 77, the Troutman Fire and Rescue stated in a Facebook post around 11 p.m.

A tanker truck hauling hydrogen was on fire at the gas station.

Highway 21 was closed through the night and reopened around 10 a.m.

Couple of problems.  A hydrogen flame is almost invisible in sunlight.  It burns very hot so a firefighter could suffer serious injuries from something that they can not see. It has a huge explosive range - something like 20% to 90% H2 to Air mixture.  By a quirk in chemistry, one gallon of gasoline has more Hydrogen in it than one gallon of liquid Hydrogen.

Fortunately, Troutman is about four hours away from where I am moving.
Keep that stupidity away from me thank you...

Two really intelligent people:

My new home state - reason #5,473

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Great move by the North Carolina Supreme Court.
From The Washington Times:

North Carolina Supreme Court sides with GOP lawmakers in congressional map dispute
The North Carolina Supreme Court overruled a prior decision Friday that had implemented a court-drawn congressional map over one designed by Republican lawmakers.

The previous ruling reasoned that the GOP lawmakers had gerrymandered their map.

However, after Republicans took control of the state’s highest court, the new GOP-majority bench reheard the dispute in a rare move. Then it issued a decision saying courts should stay out of the political process.

“The courts are not designed to be thrust into the midst of various political disputes. Such engagement in policy issues forces courts to take sides in political battles and undermines public trust and confidence in the judiciary. Choosing political winners and losers creates a perception that courts are another political branch,” wrote North Carolina Supreme Court Chief Justice Paul Newby.

“We are designed to be a government of the people, not of the judges. At its heart, this case is about recognizing the proper limits of judicial power,” he added.

Love that last quote: "We are designed to be a government of the people, not of the judges"
No legislation from the bench - passing rulings that have the same effect as a law.
Want to make a law?  Run it through the House and the Senate and have the Governor sign it into power.
The way our Founders intended.

In Your Eyes

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Heard this rendition by Ben Abraham while out for coffee this morning.
Really like the change - this quiet version is more powerful than Peter Gabriel's

His website is here: Ben Abraham Music but it does not use a current HTTPS certificate so it throws a "security error"
Ignore it and click through.

Also, the video is a little disconcerting.  He is lip-synching to his studio recording.  Zero problem with that but I can hear the proximity effect of singing closely into a microphone and there is no mic present in the video. My brain is hearing one thing and seeing something else.  He could have backed off a foot or two and minimized the proximity effect and it would have been a lot better.

Sadly true

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From Stonetoss:


My new home state - reason #5,472

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Lots to love about North Carolina.  Their state politicians seem to be working for the constituency. Both parties.
They are not shills for the deep-state.  This happened today - from The Daily Wire:

North Carolina Lawmakers Unanimously Move To Stop Chinese Entities From Buying Up Farmland
Lawmakers in the North Carolina House of Representatives unanimously approved legislation on Wednesday to prevent state-controlled enterprises from China and other adversarial nations from owning land intended for agriculture or property near military bases.

The bill, entitled the North Carolina Farmland and Military Protection Act, asserts that state officials have an interest to guard farmland from “the potential of adversarial foreign government control” in order to ensure a “safe, abundant, and affordable supply of food” for residents of the state and the nation. Entities in which more than half of shares are controlled by China, Russia, Cuba, North Korea, or Venezuela would also not be permitted to purchase or lease any land within 25 miles of a military installation or any agricultural land.

“As someone who grew up on a family farm, preserving North Carolina’s farmland is a top priority,” North Carolina State Rep. Jennifer Balkcom, a Republican and the primary bill sponsor for the North Carolina Farmland and Military Protection Act, said in a press release. “Our state’s agricultural land is one of our most important assets and it is common sense that we protect it from foreign governments that do not have America’s best interests in mind.”

The State House has a majority of Republicans (71 to 49) but nobody voted against this bill - it was 114 Aye and 0 No

The Abyss

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Alexandria Occasional-Cortex


The Homeless Industrial Complex

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The elites are farming the homeless.  If they actually CURED homelessness, they would be out of their cushy NGO jobs so they keep them homeless and offer cure after cure.  Each "cure" costs the taxpayer even more money.  I am sure that some percentage is kicked back to the local politician's slush-fund as well as the usual 10% to The Big Guy.
The remainder is funneled to some "charitable institution" or private foundation — looking at you Hillary.

From The San Diego Union-Tribune:

San Diego to pursue buying three hotels to house homeless people — at a cost of $383,000 per room
The San Diego Housing Commission will apply for state funds to help purchase three extended-stay hotels with more than 400 rooms that could provide homes for people experiencing or facing homelessness.

In a move contingent on funding from the state, commissioners voted 4-0 at the board’s April 20 meeting to pursue the purchase of the 107-unit Extended Stay America Hotel at 3860 Murphy Canyon Road for $40.7 million, the 140-unit Extended Stay America Hotel at 7440-7450 Mission Valley Road for $52 million and the 165-unit Extended Stay America Hotel at 2085-2095 Hotel Circle South for $65.2 million.

And this is not the first building that was purchased:

The total cost of the three buildings would equate to about $383,000 a unit, which is greater than the per-unit cost of two hotels the city bought for housing three years ago.

State money so that just means it comes from everyone in California, not just the Sandy Eggo taxpayers.
Nice little scam these people have running...

Anyone going to call them on it?
Thought not.  Not "politically correct"

Speaking truth to power - Russel Brand

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Talking about why Tucker was fired and who controls the media.

Good riddance to Soros deep-state trash:


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Here's how you do it:


37 years ago today

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The Chernobyl disaster

I was still living in Seattle.  Had a computer store and used to hang out at a coffee house popular with University of Washington people including members of their Physics department.  It took a few days for the news to break out - the first reports were of an unusualy high concentration of radioactive isotopes in the atmosphere.  Several of the labs at UW measured the cloud as it passed over Seattle.

The reactor design was seriously flawed - smaller versions were cheap to build and easy to run but larger versions were not stable.  Finnicky.

I really wish people would start building Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors - walk away safe, tons of known fuel reserves and the waste only needs to be sequestered for 400+ years.  Not 40K years.

The myriad benefits of communism

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Enough for everyone - riiiight...  From Breitbart:

Embarrassing: Cuba Cancels Communist May Day Parade Due to Gasoline Shortage
The head of the only legal workers’ union in Cuba announced on Tuesday that the communist regime had canceled its most prestigious annual event, the May Day parade in Havana, due to “limitations with securing fuel.”

Communists around the world typically mark May Day, or International Workers’ Day, on May 1, with parades, riots, and other acts of violence. Communism is a totalitarian ideology that has resulted in at least 110 million killings — not counting the 400 million victims of China’s “One-Child Policy” — in the last century. Communists have ruled Cuba since the 1959 coup by late dictator Fidel Castro and typically force the population to partake in May Day celebrations across the country every year.

The cancellation of the Havana May Day parade comes as an embarrassing blow to the communist regime, which had issued a call to arms to the general population as recently as this first day of April to participate in May Day activities. The Communist Party had also launched a campaign to attract “solidarity tourism” by international communists and boasted on Monday that 300 “comrades” had traveled to the country to observe May 1.

Communism always fails.  The flowery language is designed to woo the uninformed voter.  Once the tyrants are in power?  The intellectual fellow travelers are lined up against the wall and shot (they know too much) and it becomes US and THEM - the communist elites living off the work of the poor.  Today's university teachers need to study their history - they would be teaching different things if they knew what their masters had in store for them...

Tucker's first commentary

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He is not going away anytime soon - thank God.

Time to cut our losses and wipe the slate clean. Start over...


Nothing this morning

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Went out to a showing of Nefarious last night.  Definitely one for the big screen.

Excellent and timely movie.

Slept in this morning - off to work I go.  More later...

Seriously WTF - why do developing nations need these:

Great quote - Tucker Carlson

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From Game of Thrones:

When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar,
you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.
—Tyrian Lannister

Spaced on the domain registration and the email they had on file was a very old one.

Fixed now...

The cluelessness boggles the mind

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Rising sea levels? So where do they put their Climate Crisis Campus?
From the New York Times:

They must have King Canute on their payroll.

Once again, I will believe that there is a climate crisis when the people who are telling me that there is a climate crisis start acting like there is a climate crisis.

FOX abandons its roots

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Wondered when it would happen. From America's Newspaper of Record:

Fox News Fires The Only Reason People Watch Fox News
After months of controversy, Fox News has decided to part ways with the only reason anyone watches Fox News.

"Yes, we realize he delivered the most successful cable news program of all time, but we felt embarrassed by him at our Manhattan cocktail parties," said Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott. "When we tried to get invited to fancy, sophisticated gatherings, people said: 'Ewwww, aren't you the Tucker Carlson people?' and that made us feel sad. Curse you, Tucker, for making us feel sad!"

When reached for a reaction, Tucker simply stared dumbfoundedly at our reporter for several minutes.

Industry experts believe there are other factors that contributed to the alleged firing, including the fact that the company is too broke to pay him after settling a lawsuit with Dominion Voting Systems.

Progressives are reportedly overjoyed by the move, although many are saying Fox didn't go far enough by not killing Carlson in addition to firing him. "You mean he's still alive?" said Congresswoman AOC. "Tucker being alive is fascism!"

At publishing time, producers were seen looking through files for another hot blonde to replace him with.

A germ of truth in the 4th paragraph.  Dominion may be riding high now but the accounting will happen and Carlson will be vindicated.

Oh, and this guy too - New York Post:

Don Lemon fired from CNN, ‘stunned’ by how he found out

Yawn...  Next...

And of course, the memes are starting:


A solar flare has hit our atmosphere and it is ringing like a bell.  Great chance for Northern Lights.
If the Planetary K-Index is 6, northern states will get a display.  It is now about 7-8...


Wonderful news - about time...

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Make the little idiots think twice about throwing a tantrum.
From the London Daily Mail:

Judge throws the book at Just Stop Oil protesters: Eco activists who scaled a bridge over the Dartford Crossing and caused 40 HOURS of gridlock are jailed for five years in record sentence for climate action
Two Just Stop Oil protestors who scaled a bridge over the Dartford Crossing and caused 40 hours of gridlock have been jailed for five years in a record sentence for the climate group.

Morgan Trowland, 40, and Marcus Decker, 36, blocked one of the busiest stretches of road in the country during their climate protest on October 17 last year.

The pair hoisted a banner between two pillars of the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge, which links the M25 in Essex and Kent, and slept in hammocks in freezing temperatures overnight.

The road beneath was closed by police for fears over their safety, causing traffic chaos - they were eventually arrested after coming down the following day.

Trowland and Decker were jailed for three years, and two years and seven months respectively yesterday at Southend Crown Court, after being found guilty of causing a public nuisance.

Good - stand up to them. Make them live in our world.  Do not accept their narrative as valid.

Just for reference, here is a website dedicated to all of the scary climate predictions that have failed to come true.  Eleven pages and counting. Meticulously researched:

Failed Prediction Timeline

Here is one made by a "NASA Scientist" in 1986 - so far?  Crickets...


Keystone Kops in Kalifornia

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From Newsmax:

Drug Suspect Takes Off With Sheriff's Meth After Sting Fails
A suspected drug trafficker is on the run with nearly 60 pounds (27 kilograms) of methamphetamine belonging to a California sheriff's department after an undercover sting went wrong, authorities said.

The Press-Enterprise reported Friday that the Sheriff's Department in Riverside County, southeast of Los Angeles, is now trying to get its drugs back.

Authorities set up the sting Wednesday in an attempt to identify drug traffickers. Undercover deputies met with the suspect for the drug sale, and the suspect later drove away, the newspaper reported.

Deputies from the gang task force then attempted to pull over the suspect, who refused to yield and sped off, the department said in a statement.

“Due to the high speeds and suspect’s disregard for public safety, deputies lost sight of the vehicle,” the statement said.

Going to be a while for them to live that down.  No spike strips?  No backup?

Keystone Kops?   Here are some to get you started.
Some thngs never change...

Amazing release of information from Judicial Watch:

Records Show Funding for EcoHealth/Wuhan Institute Research to Create Coronavirus ‘Mutants’
Judicial Watch announced today it received 552 pages of records from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) which include the initial grant application and annual reports to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) from EcoHealth Alliance, describing the aim of its work with the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China to create mutant viruses “to better predict the capacity of our CoVs [coronaviruses] to infect people.”

Eco Health planned to sequence the spike protein from coronaviruses obtained from bats for the purpose of “creating mutants to identify how significantly each would need to evolve to use ACE2,” which is explained as “the receptor to gain entry to human cells.”

Judicial Watch obtained the records through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request it filed in December 2021 for:

All reports submitted by EcoHealth Alliance to NIH or its sub-agencies related to NIH Grant No. 1R01A|110964 titled “Understanding the Risk of Bat Coronavirus Emergence” during the term of the grant.

In the initial “Application for Federal Assistance” submitted on June 5, 2013, by EcoHealth Alliance, a section is titled “Specific Aims,” which notes the intention to create mutant bat viruses and “predict the capacity of our CoVs [coronaviruses] to infect people

Much more at the site - there is a lot to unpack.  Fauci knew all along that the virus was artificial and that we directed the Chinese lab to do the work to make it. EcoHealth Alliance is funded We The People - us taxpayers.

There is also a sobering list of bulletpoints that Judicial Watch has already uncovered.
A lot of people should be in jail right now but no...

So true

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Have you actually tried reading it?  Or any of Marx's writings? Hegel?
Turgid, dense, illogical and just wrong. 

It seems to be intelligent to the low-information citizen.  They figure that if they can't understand everything, it must be written by and for some genius-level intellect.  An Übermensch smarter than them.  Little do they know that no, it is just convoluted rambling and untested theories.

Unfortunately, those theories have since been tested with an estimated 94,000,000 deaths.
Crap like this needs to be condemned to the dust-bin of history.


Yeah but... Purgatory for six months

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That Budweiser exec who put the tranny on Bud Light - from Newsmax:

Bud Light Exec Takes Leave After Boycott Calls
The marketing executive who oversaw a partnership between Bud Light and a transgender influencer is taking a leave of absence after it snowballed into cries for boycotts from some angry customers, according to media reports.

Alissa Heinerscheid, Bud Light's vice president of marketing, will be replaced by Todd Allen, most recently global vice president of Budweiser, according to reports from Beer Business Daily and Ad Age.

A spokesperson for Bud Light's parent company, Anheuser-Busch InBev, on Saturday did not directly confirm the leave of absence but said Allen as vice president of Bud Light will report directly to Benoit Garbe, U.S. chief marketing officer. The company also made streamlining changes so its most senior marketers are more closely connected to all of its brand activities.

Please note - they do not say that she has been fired.
This is what liberals do when one of their own publicly steps on their own dick.

#1) - she is off in some other office, out of public view, doing make-work.
#2) - she is pulling the same paycheck that she was before
#3) - she will be there for six months - maybe a bit more
#4) - she will be quietly promoted into a new management position
#5) - she will get a nice fat raise for her "troubles"

This happens every single time.  Remember her name and watch the media next fall.
There will be an announcement of her "promotion"
Must be nice.  In the real world, she would now be unemployable in the beverage industry.

So @#$% true - search engines

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If you want incognito, use a VPN or TOR or other obfuscation technique.
The internet is FOREVER.   For EVERYTHING.


I am tired and pissed as well...

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And a lot of other people are too:

Those pesky "coding errors" - Virginia

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I know that errors happen.  Computer systems sometimes take a while to get running correctly.
What gets me is that 99% of the times that these errors happen, it happens to benefit a certain political party...
From Chevy Chase, MD station WTOP:

Virginia discovers nearly 19,000 dead people on voter rolls
As Virginia election officials work to clean up the state’s voter rolls, they announced the discovery of a huge number of dead people still listed as registered voters in the state.

After reviewing death records dating back to 1960, they found 18,990 deceased voters who had not been removed.

“I knew that there was something there, but I didn’t know that it was this big,” said Virginia Elections Commissioner Susan Beals.

Beals said it was an error that was being corrected.

“It was a computer coding error that missed between the date of the death being reported and the date of the death certificate,” Beals said. “We are in the process of building a new statewide voter registration system, and I want to make sure that the data we put into that system is as up to date as it can possibly be.”

They have nothing to offer than anyone wants.
Their only alternative is to cheat.
Simple as that...

And another day in paradise

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Cold, rainy and miserable...

Heading out for coffee and then to the farm.  Got my friend finishing off the drywall.

The potential new owners are going to do another walkthrough this afternoon.

More later...

Just how old was Epstein?

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You have to admit - the match is really close:


It's the guns fault.

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England essentially outlawed guns.
And then?  This:


More on the sculpture here - it is now at Coventry Cathedral.

From Newsweek of all sources?

Enough Lying. It's Democrats, Not Republicans, Who Are to Blame for Most Child Gun Deaths
The Republican-controlled House Judiciary Committee made a stop in New York City this week, in order to "examine how Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg's pro-crime, anti-victim policies have led to an increase in violent crime and a dangerous community for New York City residents." As witnesses, the hearing featured the family members of victims of gun violence in New York, as well as other victims of Bragg's soft on crime approach.

A bit more:

But invoking gun control measures at a hearing about crime is gaslighting at its best, as was the invocation of the statistic that gun violence kills 40,000 children a year. A closer look at that statistic shows that it is Democrats who are failing most of those kids, not Republicans.

Much much more at the site - the painful truth is that the majority of child shootings are black on black, drug and gang related.  Get rid of this tranche of data and the overall numbers plummet.

The democrats painted themselves into a corner here as the majority of prison inmates were black.  That was obviously "racist" so they had to institute policies letting them off for crimes that would lock up my lily-white ass for years. The freed inmates now have no consequences if they continue their life of crime.  A slap on the wrist but no consequences.  As the cities sink into hell...

The two go hand in hand.  Hard to rise up against tyranny if you are starving.
Spending all your time trying to find food for your family. Must support the glorious revolution...

From Russia Today:

NYC will track carbon footprint of residents’ food purchases
New York City will track the carbon footprint of residents’ food consumption as part of a sweeping initiative to decrease the city’s carbon emissions from food by a third this year, Mayor Eric Adams revealed on Monday at an event for the Mayor’s Office of Climate and Environmental Justice.

About a fifth of New York’s greenhouse gas emissions come from household food consumption, Adams told reporters, blaming much of that total on meat and dairy. Household food consumption is supposedly the third largest contributor to city emissions totals, trailing only buildings and transportation.

And a bit more:

“It is easy to talk about emissions that are coming from vehicles and how it impacts our carbon footprint,” he said. “But now we have to talk about beef.” City officials urged New Yorkers to put down the burgers and pick up vegetables and beans.  

“A plant-based diet is better for your physical and mental health, I’m living proof of that, but...thanks to this new inventory, we’re finding out it is better for the planet,” Adams quipped. While the mayor has long professed to be a vegan, even publishing a cookbook touting his supposedly plant-based diet, he admitted last year that he enjoyed the occasional fish after a restaurant whistleblower came forward.  

Already, New York City is hemorrhaging people.  This will open the floodgates.

And out again - farm

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Got someone helping me.  Makes a big difference.

More later this evening.

Advertising their intent - Dominion

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One of the aspects of the world takeover is that the perpetrators always announce their intent.
They publish their agendae.
They tell us that we will own nothing.
They tell us that we will be eating bugs.

This is yet one more example:


All too true - my shop

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And the "senior official" is...

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That recent whistleblower has the goods - from the New York Post:

Attorney General Merrick Garland is ‘senior’ Biden official in Hunter Biden IRS whistleblower claim
Attorney General Merrick Garland is the unnamed official whose sworn testimony before Congress is being challenged in a bombshell letter from an IRS whistleblower’s attorney that also alleges a coverup in the Hunter Biden criminal investigation, The Post has learned.

Attorney Mark Lytle wrote Wednesday that the longtime IRS employee wants to provide information to congressional leaders to “contradict sworn testimony to Congress by a senior political appointee” — Garland —and also to detail “preferential treatment” in the criminal probe of the first son.

The whistleblowing process is byzantine when you are dealing with people at this level:

However, due to a quirk of federal law, he needs congressional approval to more fully describe his allegations to his own lawyers, which he wants to do before testifying to lawmakers.

Going to be interesting.  Seriously doubt any of the Biden's will get prosecuted but one can hope...

And out the door - busy day

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Today is 4/20 day.  Yesterday was Bicycle Day.  Partial solar eclipse. NASA Satellite crashing to Earth somewhere.

Starship got off the pad but went Ka-Boom on seperation.
The key thing is that the booster is the most powerful rocket motor ever launched.
Three times the power of the Saturn 5 that launched the Apollo moon landings.

Earth Day is in two days - also Lenin's Birthday (appropriate)

From the London Daily Mail:

IRS whistleblower claims he has PROOF the Biden administration has thwarted the criminal investigation into Hunter and has engaged in 'preferential treatment and politics'

    • A lawyer wrote senators seeking protections for agent overseeing tax probe
    • People familiar with it say it relates to Hunter Biden
    • Information will 'detail preferential treatment and politics' as interfering

A man serving as a supervising agent on a 'high-profile' criminal tax probe has come forward seeking whistleblower protections while claiming politics are 'improperly infecting decisions' in the investigation.

And in the latest Biden family matter to draw scrutiny in Congress, the matter has been identified as being about the president's son, Hunter Biden.

A lawyer representing the unidentified whistleblower wrote senators as well as inspectors general for the Justice Departments and the Treasury Department on Wednesday.

More at the site - tip of the iceberg.

Unfortunately, I doubt that anything will be done but - one can always hope.

Portlandia - dystopia

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Same thing. A two-fer.  First, from The Post Millenial:

Portland’s first Shake Shack hasn’t even opened yet, and it’s already been smashed up
What is to be Portland’s first Shake Shack was hit by vandals before it even opened.

According to KGW8, someone broke a window in the brand-new restaurant but did not appear to get inside.

The new location on West Burnside across from Powell's Books is scheduled to open next Monday. According to police, the vandalism happened earlier this week.

Crime is so rampant in the city that on Monday REI announced it was closing its only Portland location after almost two decades in the Rose City after the store “had its highest number of break-ins and thefts in two decades, despite actions to provide extra security.”

Shake Shack is just a hamburger store - it's not Chick-fil-a or any business that the WOKE are targeting.
Second, from PJ Media:

Portland's 'Controlled Demolition' Into Dystopia May Be Unrecoverable Thanks to George Soros and Dumb Voters
You can’t say Portland had good intentions because they should have known that what they were trying to do wouldn’t “solve” the drug and homeless problems in the metro areas. Free-wheeling drugs and government tents have never worked anywhere they’ve been tried. Never. Not in San Francisco, not in Los Angeles, not in San Diego, and not in Seattle. But the we’re-smarter-than-you set just threw millions more at it, ignoring that Portland doesn’t just have a homeless problem; it’s got a drug problem. And predictably, things are worse.

Oregonians can blame their “progressive” leaders, George Soros, and the voters staring back at them in mirrors for this mess.

The governmental equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle — state progressives, Multnomah county actors, and Portland activists — have worked together to dispirit the people through their lawlessness, destroy their once beautiful metro area with tents and bodies strewn about, and make it a hospitable place, as a local photographer put it, “for people to come to our city to kill themselves.”

Much more at the site.  This is all by design.
Drive everything down into chaos and then step in with tyranny to "save" everyone.
First proposed for taking over the public welfare system in 1966 by Cloward and Piven

Communism is a shape-shifter - it will never own up to what it really is. A moral sickness.


248 years ago today

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From Infogalactic - American Revolutionary War

The American Revolutionary War (1775–1783), also referred to as the American War of Independence and as the Revolutionary War in the United States, was an armed conflict between Great Britain and thirteen of its North American colonies which after the onset of the war declared independence as the United States of America.

And it all began with the Battles of Lexington and Concord:

The Battles of Lexington and Concord were the first military engagements of the American Revolutionary War. They were fought on April 19, 1775, in Middlesex County, Province of Massachusetts Bay, within the towns of Lexington, Concord, Lincoln, Menotomy (present-day Arlington), and Cambridge, near Boston. The battles marked the outbreak of open armed conflict between the Kingdom of Great Britain and thirteen of its colonies on the mainland of British America.

Today is celebrated as Patriot Day but we have lost our freedoms.  Time to begin another war?

Hmmm - something to remember...

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Swiped from Knuckledraggin'


Another day at the farm

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Rainy and cold - working indoors.  Coffee first.

Closer to moving.  Looking forward to it.

The bloom is off the rose - BillG

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Looks like some other people are noticing that Bill Gates is not as smart as he is made out to be...
From Vox Day:

The Secret History of Microsoft
Charles Johnson raises some interesting questions about the great technological success story of the 1980s.

Lots more at the site and the Charles Johnson link is worth reading in its entirity.
Vox also links to this from Miles Mathis:

In my educated opinion, it means that the Gates Foundation, Bill Gates, and Microsoft itself are all fronts for the Matrix. Like Apple Computers and Steve Jobs, they don’t exist like we think. Microsoft would appear to be another big government entity, like Google, with a person from the families simply chosen to front it. Gates is sold to us as a genius of some sort, but I have never seen the least evidence of that. He comes across as a big dope who can barely follow the Teleprompter or the earpiece. He is marginally more presentable than George Bush or Donald Trump, but that isn’t saying much. He has all the charisma of a tunafish sandwich left out in the rain. Which indicates he wasn’t chosen for his personal qualities. He was chosen because he had to be chosen.

My own observations are here and here.  He is evil too: here and here
Sold his soul.

Serious about work v/s not serious

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Pretty evident to me - 50 bills passed in the House, 10 in the Senate.
Some people need to get their asses in gear and get to work representing their constituents:

BillG is a tool of the dark forces.  This is what happens when you sell your soul.  From FOX News:

Gates funds millions to NGO claiming kids born sexual, 10-year-olds should learn about 'commercial sex work'
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation donates millions annually to a nongovernmental organization which claims that children are born sexual and should learn about "commercial sex work" under 10 years of age.

The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) – a separate entity from the U.S. nonprofit – wields significant influence on global sex education. The NGO comprises 120 independent organizations in over 146 countries and has received – including its European network – over $80M from Gates. Other significant donors included the World Health Organization.

And a bit more

A toolkit released in 2017 showed an insight into how the NGO teaches sex education to children around the globe.

"Sexual activity may be part of different types of relationships, including dating, marriage or commercial sex work, among others," IPPF said about children under 10 should be taught, which was first flagged by Nicole Solas of the Independent Women's Forum.

Children under 10 should also be told "As you grow up, you might start to be interested in people with diverse gender identities," the toolkit said.

2,000+ comments.  Interesting times indeed - almost Biblical. The evil forces are certainly showing themselves.
We will see if this is a little hellmouth like the Weimar Republic and WWII or the full deal.  Hunkering down regardless...

Seriously WTF - Reddit goes WOKE

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Reddit is an online forum and is decidedly anarchistic - you can have rooms (sub-Reddits) for any topic.
Got this in my email yesterday - looks like some tender widdle flowers got their knickers in a bunch:


Why is "gender" any information that they should be collecting - they should understand that statistically, about 50% will be one of them and about 50% will be the other one.  Since they make their money pushing advertising, I can see age and other demographics being of interest but as a man, I might respond to a jewelry advertisement if it was my girlfriend's birthday. Any other "genders" are pure narcissism and mental illness.

Conspiracy theorists - yep!

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What do you call a conspiracy theory? A spoiler alert


From The Liberty Daily:

Violence Erupts in Chicago as Hundreds of Thugs Destroy Parts of the City, But You Couldn’t Tell by Corporate Media News Coverage
As I write this article, Fox News has a top story about a viral video with a guy fighting off four carjackers. CNN has a Trump Derangement Syndrome story about one of his attorneys recusing himself. MSNBC’s headline story asks the question no sane person would ever really ask, “Is Melania Trump done?”

All of this is apparently bigger news than a huge series of riot-level violence happening in Chicago Saturday night into Sunday morning. Here’s a glimpse:

Lots more at the site - videos and photos.

The Chicago FOX News affiliate is covering some of the story:

Hundreds of teenagers flood into downtown Chicago, smashing car windows, prompting police response
Hundreds of teenagers flooded into Downtown Chicago on Saturday night, smashing car windows, trying to get into Millennium Park, and prompting a major police response. At least one person in a car was attacked.

Shots were fired near the corner of Madison and Michigan, and FOX 32 Chicago decided that it was unsafe to keep our news crew on the scene.

Two teens were wounded by gunfire in the crowds in the first block of East Washington Street. A 16 and 17-year-old boy were taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in fair condition with gunshot wounds.

Website Hey Jackass does a wonderful job of keeping track of Chicago crime statistics
They are showing for April to date (16 days)

April to Date
Shot & Killed: 31
Shot & Wounded: 111
Total Shot: 142
Total Homicides: 33

No mayor would be happy with those numbers.
Business as usual for Chicago though...

From Russia Today (which is actually a pretty good news source)

'Special' service: Declassified Guantanamo court filing suggests some 9/11 hijackers were CIA agents
An explosive court filing from the Guantanamo Military Commission – a court considering the cases of defendants accused of carrying out the "9/11" terrorist attacks on New York – has seemingly confirmed the unthinkable.

The document was originally published via a Guantanamo Bay court docket, but while public, it was completely redacted. Independent researchers obtained an unexpurgated copy. It is an account by the Commission’s lead investigator, DEA veteran Don Canestraro, of his personal probe of potential Saudi government involvement in the 9/11 attacks, conducted at the request of the defendants’ lawyers.

Two of the hijackers were being closely monitored by the CIA and may, wittingly or not, have been recruited by Langley long before they flew planes into the World Trade Center buildings.

Much more at the site...
So many of the public mass shooters were "known to the authorities".   Now this?
Was this a false-flag operation by the CIA to get us into WWIII or did they know and failed to alert the authorities.
The idea that a simple phone call could have saved 3K+ innocent lives.

All of the TLA's (three letter agencies) need to be defunded and have their headquarters moved to Adak, Alaska.  I have nothing against Adak but it is exceedingly remote and would be perfect.  Let them sit and stew and meditate on their unconstitutional and egregious overreach of power.

Maybe a place where they could be confined or something...
From the New York Times:

Thousands of NYC Shoplifting Cases Committed by Just 327 People
New York City’s storefront businesses, already weathering inflation and an uneven recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, are also contending with what the police say is a dramatic increase in shoplifting. But statistics also reveal a startling reality: A relative handful of shoplifters are responsible for an outsize percentage of retail crime.

Nearly a third of all shoplifting arrests in New York City last year involved just 327 people, the police said. Collectively, they were arrested and rearrested more than 6,000 times, Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell said. Some engage in shoplifting as a trade, while others are driven by addiction or mental illness; the police did not identify the 327 people in the analysis.

The victims are also concentrated: 18 department stores and seven chain pharmacy locations accounted for 20 percent of all complaints, the police said.

Oh, those poor downtrodden people...  Or maybe not:

Criminal justice reform advocates have said that petty thefts are a crime of necessity, and that many down-on-their-luck New Yorkers are stealing what they need to survive in one of the world’s most expensive cities. But law enforcement and trade groups have blamed a proliferation of organized shoplifting crews, repeat offenders and the new state bail law that they argue has enabled such offenders to avoid jail time.

If they are needing to shoplift to survive, what will the other 7,887,794 poor souls do for sustinance.  It is also interesting to note that the NYC population has shrunk by 10% since 2020.  Gotta love that worker's paradise.

Betting that two months on Rikers Island would do wonders.  But then again, what do I know, I'm just an unenlightened white male.

Slow news day

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Meeting some people.  Busy day.

More later...


Made me laugh

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Signs and portents

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Mo's tomb is in Medina, not Mecca.  Also, the big black cube that is their holy temple was built by Bechtel in partnership with Bin Laden Construction.

Yeah - that guy

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Coming soon to America

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Their goal - just say no...

Come on - drink up...

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From It Ain't Holy Water


And you know that's happening in bars all over Portland, 'Frisco, Austin, Boston, etc...
Sitting here grinning - they painted themselves into a corner with that one

Seriously? Mittens?

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GMAFB - He is a politician but he is sort of in the uncanny valley in that he looks and acts like a politician but he is never ever able to accomplish anything.  Except looking like a politician. Will he trot out his binders full of women this time too?

From Washington Examiner:

Romney files candidacy for 2024 but stops short of announcing reelection
Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) took his first step toward launching a reelection campaign by submitting a declaration of candidacy to the Federal Election Commission, but the Utah senator stopped short of confirming whether he would run for another term.

Romney submitted a “statement of candidacy” on Tuesday, allowing the senator to begin fundraising and spending campaign funds. Although the move does not definitively indicate whether Romney plans to run, it’s the clearest sign yet of his future plans.

Karl Rove - is that you in there?  Using the Bush money to try to defeat OrangeManBad instead of trying to do what is best for this Nation.  Silly putz. Who are you going to push this time? ¡JEB!

I always wonder how people like that get in power.  Certainly not their intelligence.

Fun and games at the farm

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Selling a couple utility trailers on Craigslist and realized that I need to get my end of the paperwork...

Heading in to town to take care of that.  After coffee of course - priorities...

Got a serious offer for the farm and it is the daughter of the couple I bought it from.  Keeping the homestead in the family.

Things seem to be falling into place - the universe is smiling

Yep - boy named Sue

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One of those days...

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"Interesting" times.

In keeping - a new take on an old classic from Molly Tuttle:

Back to work

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Knee is hurting.  Not good...

Back to work - meeting someone at 3PM for the farm sale.

More later

A matter of perspective

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Explanation?  Take your time - I'll be waiting right here...


From FOX Business:

East Palestine residents blast train derailment 'lies' after testing positive for cancer-linked toxin
People living in East Palestine, Ohio, say they are suffering vision impairment, shortness of breath, sore throats and other symptoms after testing positive for cancer-causing toxins more than two months after the Norfolk Southern toxic train derailment.

"I'm now on an inhaler that I've never had in my life," Shelby Walker, who has lived in East Palestine for 48 years, told FOX Business.

But but but...   (on Feb 8th)

Two days later, authorities said air and water tests showed it was safe for residents to return home. But this announcement surprised Andrew Whelton, a professor of civil engineering and environmental and ecological engineering at Purdue University.

"Many statements by government agencies were being made about safety. ‘The air is safe, the water safe, your homes are safe.’ But they weren't actually sharing a lot of the data," Whelton told FOX Business. "And that raised a flag for us."

And the flag?

Whelton is leading a team of 20 faculty, staff and students to independently test the water and soil in East Palestine. They have visited the site four times during February and March and collected more than 300 samples, he said.

"When we went there, we were shocked at the scale of contamination that was still flowing around the creeks, that it wasn't all contained," Whelton said.

He testified before the U.S. Senate, accusing government agencies of failing to test for carcinogenic chemicals.

"There were unaddressed acute health risks in the community that were not being tested for," Whelton said.

Mayor Pete considers this to be fly-over country.  Just hicks and Trump voters.
Not worthy of a real response.
Too many "accidents" happening these days.

From the London Daily Mail:

'They don't understand me!' Trans activist Dylan Mulvaney hits back at critics of Bud Light campaign - as beer giant's parent company Anheuser- Busch suffers $3billion loss

Shall I call the Whaaaaaambulance?

Get WOKE, go BROKE - as simple as that.

I (heart) Elon - serious bro crush

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Here he is pinning a BBC reporter to the wall.
The reporter is pushing a narrative, Elon asks for an example
Hilarity ensues...

Aaaand down for the count

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Another long day in a long string. Final push to get everything ready for my move.

Did a nice milestone today so taking tomorrow a bit easier.

Don't get cocky kid...  Time to get some shut-eye

Almost feel sorry for the guy.  Almost.  Talk about being in over your head.
From the Gateway Pundit:

SHOWDOWN: Alvin Bragg Sues Jim Jordan to Block Congress From ‘Interfering’ in His Trump Case – Jim Jordan Responds
Alvin Bragg should be held in contempt of Congress.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg filed a lawsuit against House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan in an effort to block Congress from ‘interfering’ in his case against Trump.

The lawsuit, which was filed in the Southern District of New York, accuses Jim Jordan of a “brazen and unconstitutional attack” on his criminal case against Trump.

Bragg’s lawsuit seeks to bar Jim Jordan’s committee from enforcing a subpoena issued to Hillary Clinton lawyer Mark Pomerantz.

Much more at the site.  Bragg probably knows by now that he has been set up.  That he has a big fat nothingburger and he and only he will be left standing with massive egg on his face.  Right now, he is not planning, he is lashing out.

Representative Jordan said it pretty suscinctly with this:

1,300 comments at the site - some good reading...

Guns are not the problem.  Never have been.
The problem is our current tolerance towards criminals and the mentally ill.
From A. F. Branco:


Third switch from Dem. to Repub. in one month.
From Sam Karlin - investigative reporter for @NOLAnews and @theadvocatebr

Previously, we had Rep. Tricia Cotham from North Carolina as well as Louisiana Representative Francis Thompson.

People are recognizing that the Democrat party has become overrun by activists.
This is not a good thing at all.  This quote keeps coming to mind because it is so accurate:


And outta here

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Long day today through Wednesday.

Have a buyer for my farmhouse.  Of course, this came just as I leased the place to some people for a year thinking that the real estate market was moribund. Life is interesting...

More posting this evening.

From Breitbart:

Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band Guitarist Steven Van Zandt Deletes Call to ‘Exterminate’ GOP ‘Cockroaches’
Bruce Springsteen’s veteran E-Street band guitarist Steven Van Zandt issued a call to fans and supporters on social media Sunday to “Exterminate the (Republican) cockroaches.”

His rallying cry to target GOP supporters, half of America, came during an expletive-laden exchange on Twitter.

It began when the guitarist ventured forth by abusing what he called “Republican White Supremicist scumbag cowards and pussies that need guns to feel like real men” after TN representatives demanded gun controls.

Since deleted but screen-caps at the site.  Truly vile.
I have a lot of their albums but these were all downloaded. No royalties for you schmuck...


To sleep, perchance...

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Feeling sleepy tonight.  Slept in this morning. Have a very busy two days ahead of me.

Going to take a couple melatonin and turn in early

Google today

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Google's home page - captured a few moments ago:


Hey Google - thanks for the cute doodle commemorating this day.
Yeah - Happy Easter to you too...

Shame if anything happened to Biden over there.
It would give the deep-state an excellent reason to clamp down.
He has outlived his usefulness - most people see him as a joke and a puppet these days.
From Washington Examiner:

Security concerns mount as Biden's Northern Ireland visit nears
President Joe Biden's trip to Northern Ireland this week has been beset by security concerns amid the re-heightening of terrorism threat levels and news that authorities had uncovered a bomb plot aimed at upending the visit.

The president's trip is centered around marking the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday agreement, the landmark peace accord ending decades of bloodshed between Ireland and Northern Ireland. While the two share a now de-militarized border, Northern Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom and Ireland is part of the European Union. The situation has become precarious in recent years, however, as post-Brexit matters have caused parliamentary gridlock.

Biden, who has long boasted of his Irish heritage, will first arrive in Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland, on Tuesday. He'll spend a day and a half there but will only take part in one public event, a speaking engagement at Ulster University celebrating the opening of it's new Belfast campus. The president will be joined in Northern Ireland by UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Joe Kennedy III, who serves as US special envoy for Northern Ireland.

On Wednesday, he'll meet with NI political parties and address other business leaders before traveling to the Republic of Ireland that afternoon. He'll stay there for three days, where he has a packed schedule planned.

Win/win - the US gets rid of a troublesome puppet. England gets a perfect chance to bring all of Ireland under the wings of the Throne.  The deep-state has their Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand moment so they can take over the world.  For our sake of course.  For our own good. They know better than we do. We will own nothing and be happy.

Happy Easter

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Rebirth and Resurrection are sorely needed.  Not only in the USA but around the world.

Our new roles in civilization

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After the A.I. takeover:


Reminds me of the The Terrible Secret of Space

Do you have stairs in your house?

From Conservative Brief:

Kamala Harris Goes To Nashville, TN, Does Not Visit Families Of Shooting Victims
Vice President Kamala Harris raised eyebrows with a visit to Nashville, Tennessee after two black Democrat lawmakers were kicked out of the House.

It came more than a week after the Christian school shooting in which a transgender shooter murdered three children, aged nine, and three adults, but the vice president took no time to visit those families.

“Kamala Harris will be visiting Nashville today to push for gun control & meet with 2 democratic lawmakers who were expelled for holding an unlawful protest inside the state capital. She will not be visiting the families of the Nashville shootings,” former transgender activist Oli London said.

“She will not be holding a vigil. She will not be attending any of their funerals. She will not be doing anything whatsoever for the local community as they mourn the loss of the 6 victims,” London said.

Getting to the point where there are so many WOKE factions that you can not please everyone.
And EVERYONE must be pleased or there will be hell to pay.

Getting sick from eating so much popcorn 😝

Paragraph one of the Foreword to this report from the World Health Organization:

Infertility prevalence estimates — 1990-2021
This report, the first of its kind in a decade, reveals an important truth: infertility does not discriminate. For millions around the world, the path to parenthood can be difficult to access, if not impossible. Globally, an estimated 1 out of every 6 people are affected by the inability to have a child at some point in their life. This is regardless of where they live and what resources they have.

Emphasis mine - it is a standing desire of the globalists to limit the world's population to around 500 million.  Looks like they are on their way to achieving their goal.

Funny thing though, our current population of 9 Billion people is actually not that high.  If you crammed everyone in to Texas and did not count any roads or parks or industrial areas, the average density would be 1/3 that of downtown Manhattan, NY.  We have plenty of room for people.  We have plenty of energy, plenty of water, plenty of food.  What we do not have are wise leaders to bring these resources to their people.  Simple as that.

Klaus?  BillG? George? Stop your fscking meddling.
You are not that smart and it is going to take 100 years to recover from your megalomania stupidity.

Speaking truth to power

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And don't you forget it either

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Conspiracy or not?  Supposedly photographed at President Trump's arraignment in NYC
Obvious signs of processing but the basic shape is "off" to say the least...


Found some photos while packing yesterday.
Here I am with my first car - a real Jeep CJ-5 - loved that thing and had it for a long time.

I'm about 19 or 20 - forget exactly when this was taken:


It's true...

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Feeling much better now - back to my usual self


Lunch is over

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Back to work 😁

Another Indiana Jones is in the works and it looks true to the original:
In theaters June 30th

Remonds me of that Vox Day's aphorism:

In academia there is no difference between academia and the real world; in the real world there is

From UK tech website The Register:

Unilever claims it's a 'cloud-only enterprise' – now with added OpenAI
Multi-brand consumer megacorp Unilever says it has become a "cloud-only enterprise" with the help of Accenture and Microsoft.

One of the largest and most complex cloud migrations in the retail goods industry, according to the company, will give Unilever "resilient, secure and optimised operations" as well as "a platform to drive innovation and growth."

The Anglo-Dutch biz owns more than 400 brands, which include everything from ice cream to shampoo to toilet cleaner, and is set to use Microsoft's Azure as its "primary cloud platform."

Looks like some middle-management bozo decided to jump on the latest buzzword without fully comprehending what was involved.  This will be fun to watch. Unilever is a HUGE corporation and the fallout could be spectacular. Here is a partial list of their 400+ brands from their own website. Some biggies - from Ben & Jerry's to Hellmans Mayo to Marmite and everything in between.

Brought to a screaming halt thanks to the Long March through the Institutions.
Be sure to thank a Marxist for this development - they want to keep us dependent on the central state.
Thinking for ourselves is dangerous to their ideology so they root it out as early as possible.
Read the link above to understand what is being done.


Another busy day today

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Minimal posting until later this evening...

Mentally ill copycat

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They found out ahead of time thank God.  From Gateway Pundit:

Identity Of Transgender Terrorist Released…Suspect Arrested One Week After Nashville Shooting, Planned To Bomb Middle School And Shoot Students
Just one week after a transgender mass shooter killed six people at a Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee, another male-to-female transgender person had a mass shooting plot foiled by police in Colorado Springs.

The shooter, 19-year-old William Whitworth, laid out extensive plans to plant bombs at and shoot students at Timberview Middle School in Colorado Springs.

Whitworth mapped out a floor plan of Timberview Middle School and expressed violent intent towards his sister, causing her to call the police, who arrested Whitworth shortly after.

Police asked him if he had a motive for the heinous act that he was planning, and he reportedly said he had ‘no specific reason’ for wanting to carry out the attack.

And of course there was a manifesto.  There is always a manifesto:

Deputies found a manifesto that outlined support for political figures and idolized other mass shooters.

Not released to the public "yet"

760+ comments - this one sums it up:

It’s not going to stop until “they” stop celebrating and coddling these mentally unstable people and start seriously looking at the mental health issue.

Exactly. This is not diversity, this is enabling and normalizing mental illness.
We need to bring back insane asylums.  They were built for a reason.
The Community Mental Health Act of 1963 was a big mistake.

Reminds me of this wonderful quote:


Activists are just people who have learned how to use the media to their own ends.
They are not "more" correct. They are not in the majority. They are not smarter. They are just loud.

Life in Democrat-run America

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Looks like Jackson, Mississippi is doing better than ever. Bad water, no money for infrastructure and now this
From NBC News:

A Mississippi city reeling from a clean water crisis sees a sudden end to trash collection
Residents of Mississippi’s capital are scrambling to figure out what to do with their trash after garbage collection abruptly ended this week as contract negotiations failed between the mayor and the City Council.

Stacks of cardboard boxes and black plastic garbage bags lined residential streets or were dumped in the front yards of vacant homes throughout the city, angering residents who called for a quick resolution before the dispute escalates into a public health crisis.

The sudden end to trash-hauling services in Jackson is the latest problem to plague the state’s largest city, which is already roiled by gun violenceunpredictable access to clean drinking water and crumbling, pothole-riddled streets. More than a quarter of residents in the state’s predominantly Black capital live in poverty. Many Jacksonians rely on public transportation, or a neighbor’s goodwill for rides, which makes it difficult to bring their trash to a dropoff point.

Everyone is happy to point fingers but nobody actually steps up and accepts responsibility for anything.   It is like the entire city is being managed by toddlers. They seem to think that they are in control but everything they touch crumbles to dust and they are clueless to comprehend why.  They do not ask for outside help because they think that they are competent. Hey, we have some money over there - let's fund another park.  Or bicycle lane. Or social center. Or school lunch program. Anything but what is really needed.

That is not my fault - it was like this when I found it.  I dindu nuffin...

Yet another busy day

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Cleaning out the farmhouse - got renters moving in one week from today.

Still lots to do...

More posting later this evening.

This is true - study your history

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Their CEO - Bob Iger - just fumbled a very important distinction in a shareholder meeting.

There is a lot to unpack — just go here and read for a few minutes and marvel at what is going to transpire.

Gonna need a lot of popcorn before this is over and done

It was said that there are two kinds of bloggers - linkers and thinkers.
Yr. Obd. Svt. is strongly in the former class.

Strongly in the latter class is Assistant Village Idiot.
He does not post every day but when he does, it is worth your consideration. Today for example:

Trump Indictment
I haven't followed it, and there may be more to it than what I am hearing. But Ann Althouse, who doesn't much like Trump, is quoting Andrew McCarthy, who doesn't much like Trump, and Glenn Greenwald, who doesn't much like Trump, who all say these indictments are put up jobs. His accusers want to stick it to The Man, but they are The Man, not him.

I said eight years ago that there was (and is) plenty of reason to dislike Trump, but somehow his opponents have to keep making stuff up to drive that spike to the center of the earth anyway. He can't even just be Hitler, their usual comparison.  He has to be Hitler and Putin and Bull Connor and Sauron. His opponents are the ones who made him, not his supporters. If they could have just treated him like an everyday opponent he would have had much less power.  Their desire to allow him no power gave him power. He leveraged popular hatred of their hatred into support for his campaign. Those who felt kicked around reasoned that if the Chosen Ones hated him so much, he must be pretty good.

He isn't Pretty Good, but he's doing it again. They have sown the wind and are reaping the whirlwind.

Good stuff - good analysis.

They had an election and their new Mayor is even more radical.
Reminds me of that wonderful H. L. Menken quote:

Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.
—H. L. Mencken

From the Independent Sentinal:

New Chicago Mayor Is Pro-Criminal Because of a “Racist System”
During his campaign, Chicago Mayor-Elect Johnson claimed he never said he wanted to defund the police. He said it on video, but he lied and got away with it. Not only did he want to defund the police, but he spoke on a panel, “We Don’t Call Police: A Town Hall on a Police-Free Future,” praising the agenda.

During his campaign, his competition Paul Vallas called out Lightfoot for permitting an “utter breakdown of law and order” on her watch and pledged to fully fund city police departments if elected.

A bit of a problem with the police:

John Cataranza, the police union’s president, had warned that up to 1,000 officers could leave the department if Johnson triumphed. That was in the period up to the election.

“If this guy gets in, we’re going to see an exodus like we’ve never seen before,” he told The New York Times last week. Newsweek has contacted Cataranza for comment via email.

“Many of those officers are only sticking around with the hope this department can be turned around,” the union wrote. “If we do not get Paul Vallas elected, there WILL be a major exodus from that group who will not work for a bigger anti-police mayor than the current one.”

Looks like Beetlejuice's tenure was just the warm-up act.

James O'Keefe is having fun in NYC

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Got to love the little dance at 0:46 - trolling and having fun as always...
Classic example of someone who was struck down and who is becoming more powerful than you could possibly imagine.

The real problem - environmentalism

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Fantastic article - well researched and spot on.
Global warming used to be the big rallying cry until the earth stopped warming. 

Now?  It has been rebranded as 'climate change'
Marxist policy masquerading as science.
Hamstring industry and keep everyone dependent on a centralized government.

Only then, can they build their utopia on earth. Or so they say.  Never happened before...

Unfortunately, this is distracting from some very real environmental issues.
From American Greatness:

How Climate Alarmism Killed Real Environmentalism
The environmentalist movement is a political weapon. It unites the most powerful special interests in the world behind an agenda that will further centralize power and wealth, eliminate any hope of financial independence for the vast majority of people, and transition previously free and independent nations into managed, sham democracies that have lost their sovereign agency.

The overwhelming theme of environmentalism today, designed to obscure its true agenda, is the alleged “climate crisis.”

Americans may or may not eventually muster the impertinence to successfully challenge the political power grab masquerading as environmentalism today. But either way, its centerpiece, the “climate crisis,” is responsible for devastating harm both to what was once a legitimate environmentalist movement, as well as to the environment itself.

Policies ostensibly designed to manage the planet’s climate are taking attention and resources away from genuine environmental threats. At the same time, a growing percentage of people are recognizing the fraudulent essence of the “climate crisis” agenda and, as a result, are becoming indifferent to legitimate environmental concerns.

And a few of the real issues?

    • Overfishing
    • Energy Security in Developing Nations
    • The Biofuel Disaster

Four more at the site - these are very significant problems that can be addressed and are within our reach to fix.

Our sun is a variable star and our climate has always changed.  This planet goes through an ice age every 70,000 years or so and we know of five so far.  The last one was 20,000 years ago so aren't we just warming up to normal between the ice ages?  The halfway point between cycles is 15,000 years in our future.

Fun news from North Carolina

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The Democrats there seem to be intelligent and rational.
From Raleigh station WGHP:

North Carolina Rep. Tricia Cotham switches to Republican party, says Democratic party ‘has become unrecognizable’
A sitting North Carolina state representative, who was elected as a Democrat, is leaving the party and becoming a Republican, a move that grants the GOP the outright legislative supermajority needed to override vetos from the governor’s office.

Rep. Tricia Cotham, who represents a Democrat-dominant district in Mecklenburg County, announced her switch on Wednesday. North Carolina House Speaker Rep. Tim Moore, Senate President pro tempore Phil Berger and others joined her and welcomed her to the party and the Republican caucus.

Cotham said the “modern-day Democratic party has become unrecognizable to me and others across the state.”

She switched parties to escape the pressure she said she faced to vote with the Democratic caucus, declaring, “I will not be controlled by anyone.”

Been following the state politics for a while and it seems to be really balanced.
Some partisanship but this is limited to a few people.

Something to think about...

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Not a good trend...


From America's Newspaper of Record:

Scientists At Budweiser Attempt To Discover How Many Beers It Would Take For Dylan Mulvaney To Pass As A Woman
Beer scientists at Budweiser headquarters are reportedly hard at work researching how many cans of Bud Light it would take for Dylan Mulvaney to pass as a woman.

According to sources, Mulvaney, who recently became a spokesman for the alcoholic beverage, was personally recruited by CEO Phillip Bud while he was inebriated — now human resources need to know how this could have happened.

One. No. Two. No, Dr. Pedro Morganstein noted in the test log. Three? Ugh, no.

Dr. Morganstein reportedly passed out twenty beers later, still believing Dylan Mulvaney was a man. However, he did note that his female colleagues were at least three points more attractive.

Alcoholic intake studies are nothing new for the Budweiser corporation, but experiments typically measure the rate of cognitive decline. Determining how many drinks it takes for a man to look like a woman is new territory for the team.

At publishing time, scientists had determined it takes the equivalent of 37 Bud Lights to make Dylan Mulvaney passable as a woman, or just 3 Ballast Point Sculpins.

A lot more than I am willing to drink - even if I was still drinking.

John Ratcliffe was the 6th Director of National Intelligence of the United States.
Former Member of Congress and U.S. Attorney for Texas.

And off to work...

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Late start today - minimal posting until much later this evening.

A statement - Bud Light

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Something to keep in mind

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*Resident Biden said the quiet part out loud:

This little article at The Burning Platform:

If you think that the Organized Racketeering (RICO) Elections Crimes being exposed around the country (Arizona, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and other states etc.) are not happening in Washington State, then you are sadly mistaken. We are on to them, and are finding many ways the criminals are illegally manipulating (stealing) our elections. (Updated Source Docs).

As just one example, to see how large scale and serious the election fraud is in our state, go to the Federal Election Commission Website HERE, on the left side of the page type in ANY Zip code in the provided field, and Not Employed in the Employer filter. You will then see a screen of the names of the Contributors, notice the vast majority of their donations (.01 to $20) end up going to ActBlue (Dem Operatives). The problem being, the record reflects that many of the individual donors are EACH donating, in many cases, hundreds or THOUSANDS of times between 01/01/2021 and 12/31/2022.

Also, often times, the record shows the same person is donating in multiple zip codes. If you expand the fields (including Report Time Period “Receipt Date Range”) you will find that many of these fraudulent donations increase exponentially. Hmm…The corruption in WA State Elections appears to be endless…

Just for fun, I plugged in my own zip code (a mountain community of about 5,000).
Multiple names jumped out at me as having given more than once.
A Mr. John Browne is listed as giving 311 times.  All donations from $1 to $25.

I find it interesting in the 2020 election.  Loren Culp, a sherrif from a very small town in Eastern WA ran against the Jay Insley machine and was able to score 43% of the vote despite having minimal funding and minimal mention in the Seattle press. WA State is a lot "redder" than people realize.  They are sick of the corruption.

Fixed it for 'ya

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You're welcome:


Back to work

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Break is over.
Should be done this weekend..

From a few years ago...

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but it bears repeating:

The Senator from Pennsylvania

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According to Scott Adams:


David Burge had this to say:

Day 2 - working on stuff...

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Nothing much today either.  Maybe later in the afternoon...

Long day today

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Working on stuff...

Mayorkas needs to be impeached and tossed into jail.
He is the poster child for "punchable face" with that little smirk of his.

Wise words - double-edged sword

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Great answer from Dr. Peterson:
At the end, he mentions a term: Iatrogenesis
The link gives a very good definition.

Known by the company they keep - from The Gateway Pundit:

Partner From Law Firm That Represents DNC and is Suing Trump Over Jan 6 on Behalf of Democrats in Congress Arrested for Possessing Child Porn
A partner at Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll, a law firm representing the DNC and suing Trump over January 6 on behalf of Democrats in Congress, was arrested for possessing child pornography.

Michael T. Dolce, a lawyer who specialized in fighting child sex abuse, was arrested by the feds at his West Palm Beach apartment on March 15.

Detectives discovered nearly 2,000 images of child sex abuse on Michael Dolce’s devices.

From Florida station WPLG:

South Florida child sex abuse attorney caught with 2,000+ child sex abuse images, videos
Federal prosecutors accused a 53-year-old South Florida attorney who represents victims of child sexual abuse of possessing child sexual abuse material himself.

A bit more:

According to a federal criminal complaint, the images and videos depicted girls as young as 5 years old.


Investigators said after confiscating Dolce’s phone, it was found unlocked with a background image featuring a female between the ages of 16 and 25 engaged in sexual intercourse with two men.

One sick puppy.  His time in prison will be "interesting" to say the least.

Widespread storms

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'Tis the season but still...  Looking at the Power Outage website:


Fun times in California

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Sandy Eggo to be exact - looks like Gavin Newsome's heir-apparent is bowing out of politics:
Wonder what the back-story is - there has to be something happening that we do not know about
Half of the DC swamp would "retire" over alcohol abuse...

A good April Fools prank

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For optical mice:


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