Hmmm... Perfect opportunity for a false flag operation

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Shame if anything happened to Biden over there.
It would give the deep-state an excellent reason to clamp down.
He has outlived his usefulness - most people see him as a joke and a puppet these days.
From Washington Examiner:

Security concerns mount as Biden's Northern Ireland visit nears
President Joe Biden's trip to Northern Ireland this week has been beset by security concerns amid the re-heightening of terrorism threat levels and news that authorities had uncovered a bomb plot aimed at upending the visit.

The president's trip is centered around marking the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday agreement, the landmark peace accord ending decades of bloodshed between Ireland and Northern Ireland. While the two share a now de-militarized border, Northern Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom and Ireland is part of the European Union. The situation has become precarious in recent years, however, as post-Brexit matters have caused parliamentary gridlock.

Biden, who has long boasted of his Irish heritage, will first arrive in Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland, on Tuesday. He'll spend a day and a half there but will only take part in one public event, a speaking engagement at Ulster University celebrating the opening of it's new Belfast campus. The president will be joined in Northern Ireland by UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Joe Kennedy III, who serves as US special envoy for Northern Ireland.

On Wednesday, he'll meet with NI political parties and address other business leaders before traveling to the Republic of Ireland that afternoon. He'll stay there for three days, where he has a packed schedule planned.

Win/win - the US gets rid of a troublesome puppet. England gets a perfect chance to bring all of Ireland under the wings of the Throne.  The deep-state has their Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand moment so they can take over the world.  For our sake of course.  For our own good. They know better than we do. We will own nothing and be happy.

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