Hoist by their own petard - President Trump

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It was said that there are two kinds of bloggers - linkers and thinkers.
Yr. Obd. Svt. is strongly in the former class.

Strongly in the latter class is Assistant Village Idiot.
He does not post every day but when he does, it is worth your consideration. Today for example:

Trump Indictment
I haven't followed it, and there may be more to it than what I am hearing. But Ann Althouse, who doesn't much like Trump, is quoting Andrew McCarthy, who doesn't much like Trump, and Glenn Greenwald, who doesn't much like Trump, who all say these indictments are put up jobs. His accusers want to stick it to The Man, but they are The Man, not him.

I said eight years ago that there was (and is) plenty of reason to dislike Trump, but somehow his opponents have to keep making stuff up to drive that spike to the center of the earth anyway. He can't even just be Hitler, their usual comparison.  He has to be Hitler and Putin and Bull Connor and Sauron. His opponents are the ones who made him, not his supporters. If they could have just treated him like an everyday opponent he would have had much less power.  Their desire to allow him no power gave him power. He leveraged popular hatred of their hatred into support for his campaign. Those who felt kicked around reasoned that if the Chosen Ones hated him so much, he must be pretty good.

He isn't Pretty Good, but he's doing it again. They have sown the wind and are reaping the whirlwind.

Good stuff - good analysis.

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