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Looks like Jackson, Mississippi is doing better than ever. Bad water, no money for infrastructure and now this
From NBC News:

A Mississippi city reeling from a clean water crisis sees a sudden end to trash collection
Residents of Mississippi’s capital are scrambling to figure out what to do with their trash after garbage collection abruptly ended this week as contract negotiations failed between the mayor and the City Council.

Stacks of cardboard boxes and black plastic garbage bags lined residential streets or were dumped in the front yards of vacant homes throughout the city, angering residents who called for a quick resolution before the dispute escalates into a public health crisis.

The sudden end to trash-hauling services in Jackson is the latest problem to plague the state’s largest city, which is already roiled by gun violenceunpredictable access to clean drinking water and crumbling, pothole-riddled streets. More than a quarter of residents in the state’s predominantly Black capital live in poverty. Many Jacksonians rely on public transportation, or a neighbor’s goodwill for rides, which makes it difficult to bring their trash to a dropoff point.

Everyone is happy to point fingers but nobody actually steps up and accepts responsibility for anything.   It is like the entire city is being managed by toddlers. They seem to think that they are in control but everything they touch crumbles to dust and they are clueless to comprehend why.  They do not ask for outside help because they think that they are competent. Hey, we have some money over there - let's fund another park.  Or bicycle lane. Or social center. Or school lunch program. Anything but what is really needed.

That is not my fault - it was like this when I found it.  I dindu nuffin...

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