Looks like the vax jabs are a resounding success

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Paragraph one of the Foreword to this report from the World Health Organization:

Infertility prevalence estimates — 1990-2021
This report, the first of its kind in a decade, reveals an important truth: infertility does not discriminate. For millions around the world, the path to parenthood can be difficult to access, if not impossible. Globally, an estimated 1 out of every 6 people are affected by the inability to have a child at some point in their life. This is regardless of where they live and what resources they have.

Emphasis mine - it is a standing desire of the globalists to limit the world's population to around 500 million.  Looks like they are on their way to achieving their goal.

Funny thing though, our current population of 9 Billion people is actually not that high.  If you crammed everyone in to Texas and did not count any roads or parks or industrial areas, the average density would be 1/3 that of downtown Manhattan, NY.  We have plenty of room for people.  We have plenty of energy, plenty of water, plenty of food.  What we do not have are wise leaders to bring these resources to their people.  Simple as that.

Klaus?  BillG? George? Stop your fscking meddling.
You are not that smart and it is going to take 100 years to recover from your megalomania stupidity.

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