Seriously? Mittens?

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GMAFB - He is a politician but he is sort of in the uncanny valley in that he looks and acts like a politician but he is never ever able to accomplish anything.  Except looking like a politician. Will he trot out his binders full of women this time too?

From Washington Examiner:

Romney files candidacy for 2024 but stops short of announcing reelection
Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) took his first step toward launching a reelection campaign by submitting a declaration of candidacy to the Federal Election Commission, but the Utah senator stopped short of confirming whether he would run for another term.

Romney submitted a “statement of candidacy” on Tuesday, allowing the senator to begin fundraising and spending campaign funds. Although the move does not definitively indicate whether Romney plans to run, it’s the clearest sign yet of his future plans.

Karl Rove - is that you in there?  Using the Bush money to try to defeat OrangeManBad instead of trying to do what is best for this Nation.  Silly putz. Who are you going to push this time? ¡JEB!

I always wonder how people like that get in power.  Certainly not their intelligence.

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