The gift that keeps on giving - East Palestine

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From FOX Business:

East Palestine residents blast train derailment 'lies' after testing positive for cancer-linked toxin
People living in East Palestine, Ohio, say they are suffering vision impairment, shortness of breath, sore throats and other symptoms after testing positive for cancer-causing toxins more than two months after the Norfolk Southern toxic train derailment.

"I'm now on an inhaler that I've never had in my life," Shelby Walker, who has lived in East Palestine for 48 years, told FOX Business.

But but but...   (on Feb 8th)

Two days later, authorities said air and water tests showed it was safe for residents to return home. But this announcement surprised Andrew Whelton, a professor of civil engineering and environmental and ecological engineering at Purdue University.

"Many statements by government agencies were being made about safety. ‘The air is safe, the water safe, your homes are safe.’ But they weren't actually sharing a lot of the data," Whelton told FOX Business. "And that raised a flag for us."

And the flag?

Whelton is leading a team of 20 faculty, staff and students to independently test the water and soil in East Palestine. They have visited the site four times during February and March and collected more than 300 samples, he said.

"When we went there, we were shocked at the scale of contamination that was still flowing around the creeks, that it wasn't all contained," Whelton said.

He testified before the U.S. Senate, accusing government agencies of failing to test for carcinogenic chemicals.

"There were unaddressed acute health risks in the community that were not being tested for," Whelton said.

Mayor Pete considers this to be fly-over country.  Just hicks and Trump voters.
Not worthy of a real response.
Too many "accidents" happening these days.

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