The real problem - environmentalism

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Fantastic article - well researched and spot on.
Global warming used to be the big rallying cry until the earth stopped warming. 

Now?  It has been rebranded as 'climate change'
Marxist policy masquerading as science.
Hamstring industry and keep everyone dependent on a centralized government.

Only then, can they build their utopia on earth. Or so they say.  Never happened before...

Unfortunately, this is distracting from some very real environmental issues.
From American Greatness:

How Climate Alarmism Killed Real Environmentalism
The environmentalist movement is a political weapon. It unites the most powerful special interests in the world behind an agenda that will further centralize power and wealth, eliminate any hope of financial independence for the vast majority of people, and transition previously free and independent nations into managed, sham democracies that have lost their sovereign agency.

The overwhelming theme of environmentalism today, designed to obscure its true agenda, is the alleged “climate crisis.”

Americans may or may not eventually muster the impertinence to successfully challenge the political power grab masquerading as environmentalism today. But either way, its centerpiece, the “climate crisis,” is responsible for devastating harm both to what was once a legitimate environmentalist movement, as well as to the environment itself.

Policies ostensibly designed to manage the planet’s climate are taking attention and resources away from genuine environmental threats. At the same time, a growing percentage of people are recognizing the fraudulent essence of the “climate crisis” agenda and, as a result, are becoming indifferent to legitimate environmental concerns.

And a few of the real issues?

    • Overfishing
    • Energy Security in Developing Nations
    • The Biofuel Disaster

Four more at the site - these are very significant problems that can be addressed and are within our reach to fix.

Our sun is a variable star and our climate has always changed.  This planet goes through an ice age every 70,000 years or so and we know of five so far.  The last one was 20,000 years ago so aren't we just warming up to normal between the ice ages?  The halfway point between cycles is 15,000 years in our future.

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