And back to my QTH

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QTH being the "Q" code for position.

Here is a photo just as it opened at 9:00AM - about 40 tables filled with goodies of all sizes and descriptions:

20230513-ham.jpgIt got a lot more crowded about 30 minutes after this photo was taken.  Probably 300 people in the room.

I came home with a nice Bird Radio dummy load for working on my transmitters and amplifiers.  I already have one but it is only good for low power - 5 Watts continuous and 50 Watts intermittent.  This is good for up to 2.5 KWatt with water cooling.  Overkill but it will never, ever burn out or get damaged.  It runs at 250 Watts without the water cooling and I usually work at 50-100 watts so this is perfect.  Very happy with the deal.

There were a lot of nice boat anchors:  Hallicrafters, Collins, Drake, National but I am trying to cut down on my posessions.  Very little "junk" which was nice to see.

Saw about 20 people I knew - filled them in on my move plans.  A fun time and glad I took the day off to go down there.

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