Odd that we are not hearing about this on the media

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Wonder what the politics are of the perpetrator.  From San Francisco station KRON:

Enough explosive material to ‘level entire building’ found in San Jose facility
One man is in custody after a destructive device making facility was discovered during a burglary investigation Monday, according to the San Jose Police Department. Officers responded at around 4:17 a.m. to a report of a commercial burglary in the 1200 block of Old Bayshore Highway.

Law enforcement officials said the explosives found were far more powerful than fireworks and there were enough on-hand to level an entire building.

Mugshot of the guy looks a bit disheveled but otherwise normal.

Mirassou was booked into Santa Clara County Jail. In searches of his business and residence, officers located over a hundred pounds of precursor explosive making materials, assembly equipment and completed explosives.

Police said it looked like the explosives manufacturing had been going on for sometime and that there is the possibility that the devices were being made for distribution.

“Had we not discovered that and had there been an accidental fire, it very likely could have leveled the entire building,” a San Jose PD spokesperson said.

No mention of the chemistry - I am guessing plain old ANFO.  Pretty safe and cheap to make.  No mention either of the rest of the devices.  Used to be into pyrotechnics and explosives as a kid.  Still have all ten fingers.

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