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Peter at Bayou Renaissance Man links to two posts that plausibly describe what happened over there and why. These pieces fit together a little too well for my liking and heads need to roll if this scenario is what played out.

Infighting in the Deep State? Backstabbing in Washington? Say it ain't so!!!
The Intrepid Reporter offers a speculative blog post that I think gets very near the knuckle about what's happening in Washington D.C. right now. He can't offer proof, of course, but what I'm hearing from my sources (which are not the same as his, not at all) suggests he's more accurate than not on many of the details:    Deep State War?

And then, there is this:

BTW, note that conflict between cliques in the corridors of power is far from confined to geopolitical affairs.  Charles Hugh Smith points out that it's as much economic as political - but, of course, in our society those two factors are almost indistinguishable, because our politics is dependent on shaping our economic reality.  That isn't working very well any more . . . just like our geopolitics.

Take the time to read both of these - well worth your time and they explain what is happening. Some serious times. Some heads need to roll. We need accountability and not petty games.

I especially like this comment:

Hopefully we see some politicos having heart attacks, maybe a few car accidents. If a member of the JCoS get thwacked in a "hunting accident". Shit like that, just watch. Langley is Minas Morgul to DC's Barad-dur. Still evil fucks, but in this case I would cheer them on.

And for those muggles among us:  Minas Morgul and Barad-dûr

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