I flew all the way to China and all I got was

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this lousy Tee Shirt. John Kerry - master diplomat. From the South China Morning Post:

China ‘tells US envoy John Kerry it will follow its own climate road map’
Beijing has rebuffed American calls to make more public pledges on climate change before a UN climate summit in November, insisting it should follow its own plan rather than bowing to US pressure, according to a person familiar with the two countries’ negotiations.

During talks with Chinese leaders in Tianjin, US climate envoy John Kerry presented a list of proposals for Beijing to accelerate its climate efforts. They included a public commitment to the 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit) limit of global warming targeted in the 2015 Paris Agreement, a definite time frame for carbon emissions to peak before 2030, and a moratorium on financing overseas coal-fired projects.

But the two sides failed to reach agreement, according to the source, who requested anonymity.

“China already has its own plans and road map for achieving its climate goals,” said the person, adding China would not accept Washington telling it what to do and when.

Good on China for not buying into the progressive hype.  All of the horrible things you hear about global warming are based on the outcomes of computer models and not actual measurement and data collection. These computer models are cherry-picked to provide the numbers that the globalists want.  Got to support the agenda.  Meanwhile, there has been no appreciable warming for the last fifty years and we may well be entering into a cold period.  Our sun has been very very quiet recently.

If I had to meet with Kerry, I would tell him to stuff it and I would walk out of the room.  Let him come back when he has some real data to work with. Besides, who is the USA to be throwing its weight around, being such a bully. I thought the liberals were against that sort of thing.  Too colonialist.

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