And it is showdown time - Canada

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From the London Daily Mail:

Freedom Convoy votes to stay on the Ambassador Bridge and DEFY Trudeau as his 7pm deadline to clear it of protesters passes: PM threatened 'everything is on the table' - including military force

    • Biden and Trudeau spoke directly on Friday regarding the Freedom Convoy blockades at the border
    • 'President Biden and I both agreed that...these blockades cannot continue,' said Trudeau
    • White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that Trudeau had promised 'quick action'
    • Police are now reportedly massing in huge numbers in Windsor, Ontario by Ambassador Bridge
    • Trudeau said that the use of military force was a last resort but that 'everything is on the table'
    • On Friday protesters claimed to be opening a lane of the bridge but police said this was false
    • Conservative Ontario Premier Doug Ford on Friday declared a state of emergency, threatening fines and jail
    • US group 'Convoy to Save America' is launching convoys from Nashville and New York City this weekend

Is Trudeau that blind?  He HAS no other option than to talk with the truckers and to drop the mandates.  The truckers have 99% of the public opinion.  Trudeau has 1% and even that is fading fast.

All it takes is one person being injured or murdered and the cause has a martyr.  Trudeau's only other option is to slink away to Cuba.

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