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From the Washington Examiner:

Kyle Rittenhouse announces initiative to challenge media in court
Kyle Rittenhouse announced a new initiative Monday aimed at challenging major media outlets in court.

The Media Accountability Project will raise money for legal challenges against outlets Rittenhouse believes defamed him during his trial and hold them "accountable" more broadly.

“The Media Accountability Project is the official fundraising vehicle for holding the worst offenders in our activist media accountable in court. In the long term, I want to provide a platform for independent journalists who are actually committed to the truth, but for right now, accountability is priority No. 1,” Rittenhouse told the Washington Examiner.

Good move on his part - make it hurt. He was acquitted of all charges last November but people still slander him in the media.  The media have gotten away with lying to us for too long.  Time to make them own up to their transgressions. Journalism used to be an honest profession.

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