Russia and the Ukraine

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Karl Denninger has the best analysis so far:

Putin: Check! Biden: King Me!
Playing the wrong game there Joe, aren't 'ya?

You have to admit that our so-called "experts" at State didn't foresee this one.  It puts the US and the rest of Europe into an entirely-untenable situation, but isn't far from what I expected -- recognition of the parts of the Ukraine that were and want to be Russian as, effectively.... Russian.

By "recognizing" their Declaration of Independence the label aggressor can no longer be applied to Russia since an independent nation can ask for military assistance and there is no harm or foul (Kuwait anyone?); if any of the other fine folks start shooting to stop it Russia's response to that is now defensive.  Reports are that they have done exactly that, inviting in the Russians as "peacekeepers."  How true that said request was made is, of course, unknown.

The White House is naturally threatening "sanctions."  Not sure what they think they can actually do that will matter.  Barring trade with the seceding territories (which Biden has said he'll do via E/O) is an effective zero as there's no US trade or investment there now.

And let's not forget: A couple hundred years ago we basically did the same thing, did we not?

Yeah, we did.

I'm sure there are plenty of people will opine that "oh you can't do that!"

Well, if you're an American then the only reason you live in America and are not a British Subject is because you can do that -- and our forefathers did.

So was that "check"...... or "checkmate"?

Swiped in full because it is short.

If Joe sends troops?  It will be his aggression.
If Joe sets up sanctions?  Vladimir gets the sympathy and the world will tut-tut about Joe's tyranny.

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