Covid was just an excuse - China and soon here

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An excuse to implement draconian restrictions on its citizenry - from Vice:

Chinese Officials Are Weaponizing COVID Health Tracker to Block Protests
Chinese bank depositors planning a protest about their frozen funds saw their health code mysteriously turn red and were stopped from traveling to the site of a rally, confirming fears that China’s vast COVID-tracking system could be weaponized as a powerful tool to stifle dissent.

A red health code designated the would-be protesters as suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patients, limiting their movement and access to public transportation. Their rallies in the central Henan province this week were thwarted as some were forced into quarantine and others detained by police.

A 38-year-old software engineer was among hundreds who could not access their savings at four rural banks since mid-April. She had planned to travel from her home in Jiangxi province to Zhengzhou, Henan’s capital city, to join a group petition this week to demand her money back. But her health code turned from green to red shortly after she bought a train ticket on Sunday. She said a nucleic test for COVID she took the night before came back negative and her hometown has not reported any infection recently.

How quickly it changed from "for your benefit" to "all the better to control you" - the word you are looking for is Tyranny and we are about a year from implementing this here.  The 'elite' need a second pandemic to drive it home.  Monkeypox is proving to be too little, too late and the wrong demographic.

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