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Hydrgen is being touted as an alternative fuel.  It is not, it is an energy transport and a poor one at that.  It takes energy to manufacture. By the time you burn it, you have spent more energy than if you just used gasoline or natural gas to begin with. Very difficult to store and transport too.

Case in point from Charlotte, NC station WSOC:

Hydrogen tanker fire causes half-mile evacuation in Troutman
A half-mile evacuation was ordered Friday night for all businesses in the area of the Pilot Travel Center at 1006 Charlotte Highway off Interstate 77, the Troutman Fire and Rescue stated in a Facebook post around 11 p.m.

A tanker truck hauling hydrogen was on fire at the gas station.

Highway 21 was closed through the night and reopened around 10 a.m.

Couple of problems.  A hydrogen flame is almost invisible in sunlight.  It burns very hot so a firefighter could suffer serious injuries from something that they can not see. It has a huge explosive range - something like 20% to 90% H2 to Air mixture.  By a quirk in chemistry, one gallon of gasoline has more Hydrogen in it than one gallon of liquid Hydrogen.

Fortunately, Troutman is about four hours away from where I am moving.
Keep that stupidity away from me thank you...

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