Sadly true - a bygone era

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I grew up like this - sad to see it pass.


From Vox Day who offers this:

Peak America
We had no idea how good we had it as children, but we can hardly be blamed for that since we never knew anything else. But if you’re a member of Generation X, it is very important that you write your autobiography in order to leave behind some written record of what Peak America was actually like. Because what we regarded – what we still regard – as normal no longer exists. And its the micro accounts of daily life that are actually the most informative about a historical society, not the usual historian’s focus on politics, wars, and other macro-level events.

Save your elementary school class pictures. Describe what life was like in an ethnically homogenous European society. Give future generations a vision of what is possible for their children and grandchildren if they set their minds to it.

America can be reborn.  The wicked forces tearing it apart can be stood up to and vanquished.
They always announce what they are planning so we can marshal our forces and say NO! to their faces.
There are not that many of them.  Lots more of us.
They make it sound like their numbers are legion but they number less than 10,000
Drive them from us.  Drive them into the river.  Mock them unmercifully. Let them shrink from our righteousness.

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