The Homeless Industrial Complex

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The elites are farming the homeless.  If they actually CURED homelessness, they would be out of their cushy NGO jobs so they keep them homeless and offer cure after cure.  Each "cure" costs the taxpayer even more money.  I am sure that some percentage is kicked back to the local politician's slush-fund as well as the usual 10% to The Big Guy.
The remainder is funneled to some "charitable institution" or private foundation — looking at you Hillary.

From The San Diego Union-Tribune:

San Diego to pursue buying three hotels to house homeless people — at a cost of $383,000 per room
The San Diego Housing Commission will apply for state funds to help purchase three extended-stay hotels with more than 400 rooms that could provide homes for people experiencing or facing homelessness.

In a move contingent on funding from the state, commissioners voted 4-0 at the board’s April 20 meeting to pursue the purchase of the 107-unit Extended Stay America Hotel at 3860 Murphy Canyon Road for $40.7 million, the 140-unit Extended Stay America Hotel at 7440-7450 Mission Valley Road for $52 million and the 165-unit Extended Stay America Hotel at 2085-2095 Hotel Circle South for $65.2 million.

And this is not the first building that was purchased:

The total cost of the three buildings would equate to about $383,000 a unit, which is greater than the per-unit cost of two hotels the city bought for housing three years ago.

State money so that just means it comes from everyone in California, not just the Sandy Eggo taxpayers.
Nice little scam these people have running...

Anyone going to call them on it?
Thought not.  Not "politically correct"

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