The myriad benefits of communism

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Enough for everyone - riiiight...  From Breitbart:

Embarrassing: Cuba Cancels Communist May Day Parade Due to Gasoline Shortage
The head of the only legal workers’ union in Cuba announced on Tuesday that the communist regime had canceled its most prestigious annual event, the May Day parade in Havana, due to “limitations with securing fuel.”

Communists around the world typically mark May Day, or International Workers’ Day, on May 1, with parades, riots, and other acts of violence. Communism is a totalitarian ideology that has resulted in at least 110 million killings — not counting the 400 million victims of China’s “One-Child Policy” — in the last century. Communists have ruled Cuba since the 1959 coup by late dictator Fidel Castro and typically force the population to partake in May Day celebrations across the country every year.

The cancellation of the Havana May Day parade comes as an embarrassing blow to the communist regime, which had issued a call to arms to the general population as recently as this first day of April to participate in May Day activities. The Communist Party had also launched a campaign to attract “solidarity tourism” by international communists and boasted on Monday that 300 “comrades” had traveled to the country to observe May 1.

Communism always fails.  The flowery language is designed to woo the uninformed voter.  Once the tyrants are in power?  The intellectual fellow travelers are lined up against the wall and shot (they know too much) and it becomes US and THEM - the communist elites living off the work of the poor.  Today's university teachers need to study their history - they would be teaching different things if they knew what their masters had in store for them...

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