Glad I do not live on Guam - Typhoon Mawar

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I could see retiring to a tropical island at some time in my life but not Guam, not now:


Cat 4 typhoon - from gCaptain:

Guam Typhoon Highlights Threat To US Military’s Pacific Strategy
As Typhoon Mawar neared the coast of Guam early Wednesday, it also drew attention to an uncomfortable fact of US military strategy: Many of America’s most strategic assets are in places increasingly threatened by extreme weather events, rising seas and other consequences of climate change. 

The Navy moved ships out to sea before the storm hit, standard procedure when bases prepare for hurricanes. The storm generated winds of 175 miles per hour (282 kilometers per hour) — the National Weather Service’s offices were “vibrating,” an official said — and waves of at least 60 feet (18 meters). It caused significant flooding in Guam, endangering residents and putting new demands on the military.

It isn’t the first time and it’s unlikely to be the last. In 2019, a Department of Defense report on climate impacts noted that repeated flooding at Naval Base Guam was already limiting operations and activities for the Navy Expeditionary Forces Command Pacific, the island’s Andersen Air Force Base, submarine squadrons, telecommunications, “and a number of other specific tasks supporting mission execution.”

Considered one of the most critical US military installations in the western Pacific, Guam has for 125 years extended US sovereignty 8,000 miles from Washington. The island is about 2,100 miles from the North Korean capital of Pyongyang. It is closer still to Taiwan, which President Joe Biden has  committed to defend if attacked. 

Actually, looking at the historical record, the overall cyclonic energy has decreased slightly and the intensity of the storms has NOT increased despite claims by warmists. Still, this is a massive storm and is hitting Guam right in the eyes.

I am betting that Team Rubicon is mobilizing.  Top people, amazing work.

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